About IGS

IGS was founded in 2013, a business developing and productising revolutionary Industry 4.0 solutions in the global Agritech and Commercial Lighting markets for Smart Spaces.

As an Agritech innovator we design and sell a revolutionary controlled-environment growth system including a Vertical Farm in a box and retro-fit Growth Stations for low-rise installations. Built on a patented Power & Communications Platform and a patented Growing Automation Platform, 100% Internet of Things (“IOT”) enabled and powered by a 3-tier Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) back-end, IGS’ Total Control Environment Agriculture (“TCEA”) delivers dramatic productivity benefits:  2-3x yield with quality and consistency, using 50% less energy and 80% less labour.

Our Commercial Lighting platform creates Smart Spaces by bringing an elegant, customer-branded grid to replace conventional high-voltage networks of cables, cable-trays and ethernet. It is a plug-and play system that can be assembled and reconfigured on the fly by non-qualified staff. Every light, sensor, camera and motion-tracker attached to the grid is IoT-enabled, such that it can receive commands and monitor behaviours: each of nodes simply clips onto the lightweight busbars and can be moved at will without even a screwdriver.

IGS sells its Agritech solutions direct to growers, food producers and governments around the world. It supplies its Commercial Lighting platform via channel partners into new-build construction projects or for retrofit via lighting specialists and facilities managers into any commercial building.

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