Abundance of basil as yield increases by 100 per cent

by May 28, 2019Deployments0 comments

Totally Controlled Environment Agriculture.

Since we began growing basil in our vertical demonstrator facility in April 2018, the results achieved have been excellent and have given a clear idea of the potential our systems offer the market.

In fact, the results were recently graded as ‘Oustanding’ by the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Grading Panel in recognition of the success of the ability to develop innovative crop systems that will produce high-quality products year-round with a limited environmental footprint.

The project, which was undertaken between the James Hutton Institute and IGS was specifically focused on basil and the impacts of light variations on its growth in an indoor Totally Controlled Environment Agriculture system. The results achieved have demonstrated the complex interactions between plants and light sources and shown that yield can be increased by over 100% compared with a glasshouse when growing in our environment using dynamic ventilation, irrigation and intelligent, multi-spectral lighting.

The start of a new era in global horticulture.

David Farquhar, Chief Executive of IGS, said: “The grading of this KTP project as ‘Outstanding’ speaks for itself. This research has provided significant empirical evidence to show how our vertical farming systems can positively impact the yield, quality and consistency of produce. This increases our value proposition to existing and potential customers which is a significant result for the IGS business. The credibility of working in partnership with the James Hutton Institute as a world-leading authority in plant science reinforces our decision to base our demonstrator facility at its site in Invergowrie. We are all just at the start of a new era in global horticulture thanks to the unique flexibility of IGS’ technology and the controls it gives to crop science.”

The trials of basil continue at our demonstrator facility, and the significant success has led to trials of a number of other produce in partnership with growers both locally and nationally. Strawberries and potato seedlings are among some of the other produce that we are trialling in our Total Controlled Environment Agriculture facility.