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As a Computer Science graduate of Warwick University, Gordy, spent his young adult years in military service as a Royal Signals officer. After having visited various of the worlds deserts on combat operations as well as having spent time in procurement and strategic telecommunications he got married and demobilised. On leaving the service, quite by accident, he spent a few years being an assistant producer for film and TV. Eventually finding his way back to his first love - computer science - he became a software engineer and quickly a team lead. This introduced him to the world of Agile thinking. The approach suits his personality, focusing on getting high quality to the user as fast as is practicable. As an Agile Coach and Head of Engineering he has successfully transformed several development departments in to high performing engineering teams. When he is not gathered round a scrum board (either at work or at home), you will find him; by day practicing for a 2500 mile hike along the Pacific Crest Trail; and by night absorbed into the beauty of the night sky practising ametur planetary astronomy. He is also a volunteer for the international disaster response charity RE:ACT, supporting corporate and operational IT as well as deploying when the need arises. He lives in Oxfordshire with his, now, long-suffering wife.

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