How we work

Our product strategy allows the customer to select the required components with our advice

It can be turnkey if required, though we do not make seeding or harvesting equipment

It can behave like a platform to integrate with third party products, so you can choose your preferences

All products are modular, so can be fitted into the available space/building and then extended at a later stage

Growth products can be adapted to grow a wide variety of crops

Lighting products can be disassembled and reconfigured or relocated

The level of automation can be designed to meet local needs

We can provide plans to let local contractors “pour the concrete”

We do not compete with our customers: we never produce crops for sale. Only for technology R&D or crop research.

Visit the Farm

We offer private and group tours for those interested in seeing our vertical farm in operation. Tours are free, and last about one hour. Please complete the form and we will follow up in 3-4 business days.