Everything’s coming up juicy

by May 17, 2019Deployments0 comments

Strawberries in our vertical farm.

Scotland is famous for its juicy, delicious strawberries grown mainly in the summer months, but now there is the potential that it could be famous for them all year round! Following our first successful propagation trials which took place in February 2019, we are delighted to have grown a small crop of strawberries in our vertical farm.


The trials were undertaken following interest from a group of local Scottish growers but given the success of these trials in terms of taste, quality and consistency we are seeing interest from a broader set of producers.


David, our CEO, commented: “This is an exciting advance for us, showing that increasingly broad range of produce such as strawberries can be grown economically, right here, all year round. Growing in this controlled indoor environment means that we are better able to guarantee consistency of quality, appearance and flavour.


All year round much closer to home.

“Soft fruits are now perennial items on supermarket shelves, but this does mean considerable shipping costs and environmentally damaging food miles. And frankly the imported product is often tasteless and lacks juiciness. We are just on the cusp, but this trial shows that there is the potential to produce delicious, fresh produce all year round much closer to home which is very exciting for growers, retailers and consumers alike.”


In addition to strawberries, we are also starting trials of seed potato production in our Vertical Farm at Invergowrie and will share a further update soon.