December 2018 – This week Andrew Cumming, our lead software engineer, was asked to speak to a group in Edinburgh about the IoT (Internet of Things) solutions which have been developed to address challenges in the vertical farming space.

In a vertical farming environment where precision technology is paramount the potential for enormously complex levels of data being produced is a challenge. The need to gather, assess, and interpret the data, as well as ensuring the algorithms are correct is vital to making these systems and environments more effective and highly controllable.

With real-time demonstrations to our vertical farming facility in Invergowrie and with the aid of real life basil plants, Andrew was able to show how he and the team have developed a control panel that is clear and easily interpreted through machine learning and image processing to manage the cycles of growth. The systems can be controlled remotely and securely through mobile platforms.

Andrew commented: “This facility has been designed from the ground up with data gathering in mind. We are harnessing the IoT and the advances in machine learning to transform the raw data stream into real-time, actionable intelligence.  Our vertical farming facility is the UK’s most technically advanced and we are continuously looking to develop our systems to allow for even greater control and automation. It was great to have the chance to talk to this group today and hear about other IoT developments across other sectors and areas.