Over the past two months we have welcomed almost 100 students and young farmers to our indoor demonstration facility at Invergowrie in Scotland. Their interest in seeing a working vertical farm has been significant. We have shown them how the combination of a world-class technological approach to substantial current and future agricultural challenges can revolutionise growing opportunities here in Scotland and in many different parts of the world.  

With students from Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC), Scottish Young Farmers Association and local Young Farmers groups, we have been delighted to see such a level of positivity and enthusiasm for this new and emerging industry. The opportunities to develop vertical farming in Scotland, as well as the chance to position Scotland as a significant player in driving forward this new approach to agriculture was welcomed.

Our team at IGS is Scottish-founded and led, capturing horticultural, engineering and software skills from within Scotland to make the business flourish. The location of our first vertical farm at the James Hutton Institute, a world leading crop research facility, was deliberately chosen to enhance our collaboration opportunities. We are working together with scientists and researchers at the Institute to better understand how growing under lights can impact different varieties of crop growth, as well as drive increased productivity.