Improve yield consistency & increase your growing season by integrating vertically

To meet increasing food demands from a growing population, while lessening the impact on the environment, growers are facing rising expectations to improve produce quality and reduce chemical residues. If this wasn’t enough, growers are facing inflation, climate change, and a decreasing rural population, posing challenges for the future of agriculture.

Vertical farming provides a clean, bio-secure growing environment and allows you to flex seed to harvest crop growth to meet market demand. This way, you can increase your market share by increasing yields and minimising waste by improving your starter plant quality in a vertical farm.

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Using a vertical farm in a seed to harvest operation

Vertical farming is a modern method of crop production where seedling or starter plant crops - like leafy greens, herbs, and micro herbs - are grown indoors in vertically stacked layers instead of single level rows, enabling you to grow more, using the same or less space.

Our Growth Towers allow for complete control over environmental elements, such as lighting, water distribution, CO2 levels, and nutrient delivery, allowing you to deliver crops at precise specifications, at any time of year.

Introducing Total Controlled Environment Agriculture (TCEA)

Glasshouses and low-tech indoor systems are considered CEA, but they don't offer full control over the environment. This often results in unpredictable and inconsistent yields, leaving growers frustrated when they can’t meet off-taker demands.

Our Growth Towers work using our uniquely developed system called Total Controlled Environment Agriculture (TCEA), which is an evolution of controlled environment agriculture (CEA).

TCEA‌ eliminates this problem by removing the external factors of traditional growing environments to create ideal microclimates that ensure predictable, repeatable crop production.

Growth Towers allow you to create multiple micro-climates, so you can grow a variety of crops, in their perfect environment, in the same tower. This gives you the flexibility to meet the diverse needs of your off takers and deliver high quality to minimise rejected crops.

Take control,
increase productivity

Our modular, scalable, flexible vertical farming technology helps propagators take control over their supply chains, helping to reduce reliance on imports and improve productivity - here's how.

Maximise your available growing space

Our Growth Towers deliver yields 2-3X higher than traditional greenhouse and open-field farming techniques, using a fraction of the growing area. Growing leafy greens and herbs with vertical farming can reduce environmental impact and increase operational efficiency.

Increase yields and reduce waste

At IGS, we call our vertical farming systems Growth Towers and they’re automated to maintain a consistent environment and minimise human interaction. Level four automation increases workflow and process efficiencies, achieving higher yields and enabling year-round production of seed-to-harvest crops.

Improving growing times

Vertical farming creates the perfect growing environment for your crops. You can optimise your growth cycles and produce seed-to-harvest crops faster than traditional farming methods like glasshouses and open fields.

Complete control over growing climate

Imagine being able to guarantee volume, leaf size, leaf colour and more. With an IGS Growth Tower, you can adjust production in line with regional market demands and specifications to increase revenue while minimising wastage.

Benefits of using our vertical farming technology

Increased revenue

An IGS Growth Tower enables you to grow the variety of crops you want, whenever you want it. Enabling you to grow outside of traditional seasons or even diversify your offering.

Complementary to existing structures

Growth towers can complement your existing setup and the modularity of our growth towers means you can scale as your business grows.

Rapid growth

Our technology produces rapid growth. Basil, for example, takes up to 23 days in a Growth Tower, compared to 35 days in a greenhouse.

Specialised growth recipes

Through a combination of machine learning and input from expert crop scientists, we optimise growth recipes over time to deliver the best possible results for your plants.

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