Vertical farming solutions

with an IGS vertical farms

An IGS vertical farm can help a number of different groups with our vertical farming technology. Discover who we have helped before and get in touch if you think that could be you.

Inside an vertical farm with 9 growth trays stacked vertically. LED lights are rainbow coloured.


Allowing propagators & nursery growers to grow well

Large Growers

The automation in our vertical farms can help drive efficiencies in your operations.
inside an IGS vertical farm. Leafy greens growing on vertically stacked trays under purple LEDs.


Growing high quality, consistent raw material growing.


Our integrated technology is managed via a single source and the modularity of our solutions means its ready to scale when you are.
Bushy green basil growing under purple lights inside an IGS vertical farm.
Line of windmills on a beach by the sea. The sky is grey and cloudy.

Energy producers

Co-locate with an IGS vertical farm.

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