November 2018 – Last month, our CEO David Farquhar donned his virtual gown and mortarboard as honorary lecturer in the School of Computing at the University of Dundee. Delivering the introductory lecture – ‘Product Management 101’ – in an 11-week module to 23; undergraduate BSc and 3 postgraduate MSc students. David introduced the concepts of product management, product marketing and how this impacts the engineering process.

The module has been designed to provide a real-life insight into the product management and marketing processes. A specific brief is set and through the involvement of experienced industry speakers and lecturers, the students have the opportunity to deliver their projects in a true to life scenario.

David co-created this course in 2007 with Mike Kennedy for the University of Dundee. It became the the UK’s first accredited module in Product Management and Product Marketing. It has remained a core part of the Technology Innovation Management computing module curriculum for the past 11 years for Batchelor and Masters degree-level programmes.

Talking about the module, David said: “It has been a great privilege for me to be part of this outstanding department at the University of Dundee. The enthusiasm and innovative approach by the staff, feeds the interest and passion of the students. I am always pleasantly surprised each year to see the uptake and then meet the students and work with them through their projects. It is a testament to the University the calibre of the students and the hard work, determination and level of engagement they show.

“For IGS this is also a great example of product management talent coming through the pipeline, not just in Dundee, but broadly across Scotland. Innovation is still very much at home here.”

David’s involvement began with an introduction from Professor Annalu Waller, Chair of Human Communication Technologies and Interim Dean for the School of Science and Engineering. She commented on the course: “The introduction of Product Management into the Computing curriculum provides students with a different view on technology innovation. Instead of focussing on their technical skills, the module challenges budding software engineers to understand the needs of the market. Equipping students with skills to engage with business prepares our students to play a unique role in building the digital economy across Scotland and further afield!”

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