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Intelligent Grid enables you to specify an intelligent lighting solution your building projects. You gain significant power reductions and enhanced controls while reducing installation and maintenance costs. This comes from elminating cables, cable trays, and other infrastructure plus reduced need for professional electricians across the full installation scope.

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Power & Comms, Software & SaaS, IoT.

Built on the same technology, powered by Intelligent Grid.

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In the ever-increasing hungry world of power consumption and demand for greater control and communication, Intelligent Grid provides a highly flexible and reconfigurable platform for environmentally and economically efficient LED lighting, sensors and cameras. Our patented innovation is creating an exciting new chapter in the world of lighting power, control and communications.

Whether your needs are specific to an individual lighting and control project, and/or form part of a carbon efficiency strategy, the Intelligent Grid system ensures optimal power efficiency in combination with IoT capabilities and with the flexibility to be installed and reconfigured without specialist skills.

We’re attracting new and innovative interest from a diverse range of applications, including retail, industrial and commercial, therefore if you are interested in learning more about Intelligent Grid we’d be delighted to hear from you, either as a potential customer or partner.

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