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Sustainability benefits of hydroponics

A beginner’s guide to understanding the key sustainability benefits of growing hydroponically and how it can solve some of the most pressing environmental issues.

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Commercial farming is one of the biggest sources of environmental damage worldwide, second only to transport.

Vertical farming offers an alternative vision of agriculture, an opportunity to work alongside more traditional forms of agriculture to create a greener, more sustainable food supply chain.

In this guide you'll discover

Making efficient use of precious land with vertical farming.

How hydroponics uses less water.

Hydroponic substrates help prevent further soil erosion.

Growing clean crops with hydroponics free of insecticides and other harmful chemicals.

Vertical farming helps reduce climate change.

Reducing gas emissions with hydroponics.

Learn how an alternative farming method, that’s soil-free growing in a vertical farming environment, can help to alleviate the pressures on our ecosystem while increasing food production sustainably.

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