Technology and Future Food.

Following a visit to our demonstrator facility in February a group of second year Communication Design students from the University of Dundee were challenged to develop projects under the theme of Technology and Future Food.

On hand, helping advise with these projects, was our IGS Product Manager Douglas Elder, to share insights, provide feedback and help demonstrate real world examples in the vertical farming market. The importance of having a real-time working technology was to enhance the students’ design potential and encourage them to consider how they could be used in a functioning agricultural commercial environment.

The students researched a variety of different technologies, looking at interactions and applications of technology used today, but also looked ahead at societal trends and habits that may be necessary to secure a better future in the food production space.

As part of the judging team at the end of the project Douglas commented: “The results were excellent. They really took on board a whole variety of technical, commercial and societal issues to produce very interesting projects and designs. There are ideas here that I believe could have the real opportunity for further development.

“It is really positive and welcome to see such interest and potential in the vertical farming space, and hopefully it provides an opportunity to encourage thinking about new and emerging sectors to work in for these students in the future.”

Examples produced in these projects included looking further at the application of vertical farming globally; integration of Urban agriculture and green living into domestic environments; and specific nutrient delivery mechanisms such as 3D printing based on wearable technology feedback.

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