Solutions in agriculture

IGS was founded by a farmer with three decades of hard-won experience who was ambitious to seek efficient solutions to growing a broad range of high quality crops 12 months of the year in the north east of Scotland.

The solution

For farmers

The challenges

You may be growing brassicas, root crops and tubers outside or berries and tomatoes under glass or in poly tunnels.

  • Imported plantlets and seedlings are expensive and all too often carry pests and diseases creating extra cost and waste.

You may be growing relatively low value commoditised crops for a limited season.

  • You’ve been seeking ways to diversify production into higher value crops and extend the growing season to maximise returns.

With IGS

Better quality seedlings:

  • Our farms can germinate and propagate an ever-widening range of early stage crops including seed potatoes, strawberries and broccoli.
  • Quality is very high, growth very rapid (in the case of broccoli 11 days versus a normal 6 weeks) and so costs are kept low.
  • Growth can be advanced or retarded, crops can be hardened off pre-planting and weather recipes tailored to develop key characteristics.

Develop your business:

  • In an IGS tower with a footprint of 40m2 you can grow up to 20 tonnes per annum: the same as on 1-2Ha outside depending on the crop and far more than under glass or poly.
  • High value crops such as leafy greens, salads and herbs grow especially well and are prized by local restaurants and hotels.
  • Supply regional supermarkets with crops offering special qualities, lower food miles and a longer shelf life.
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The solution

For farming entrepreneurs

The challenges

You’re planning to build your first inner-city indoor farming facility to serve the local community. We’re conscious there are a number of challenges along your path: 

  • Understanding just what’s possible and comparing competing solutions can be bewildering.
  • You want to win pre-production contracts with local restaurants, hotels, venues or maybe even retailers.
  • How do you prove you can grow the right crops of the right quality at the right price? 

You need to raise finance for this venture, therefore you will need to build a set of financial projections.

With IGS

Design your farm:

  • Our farms are modular, scalable and highly flexible.
  • They can be located almost anywhere on open ground or in existing facilities such as sheds.
  • We can help you make the right choices but rest assured you’ll be choosing the most advanced and efficient solution in the world.
  • Book a visit to our demonstrator facility in Scotland and see for yourself.

Win your first customers:

  • With IGS you can trial-grow sample crops to show your potential customers.
  • We can host your customers at our demonstrator facility in Scotland.
  • We can provide you with economic efficiency and yield data.

Raising your capital:

  • We have a financial model that can help you plan your business.
  • We have excellent relationships with investors who are targeting this sector.
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The solution

For governments

The challenges

Both national and regional governments face an increasingly broad set of challenges with food supply. It is vital that they are able to provide a reliable, high volume supply of high quality, safe and nutritious food.

You may wish to increase employment in the food industry or face the challenge of a lack of affordable local labour.

  • You want to create jobs for people growing food locally OR have local farmers operate highly automated facilities.

Resources are expensive and becoming scarce.

  • Arable land; any land; fresh water; extreme weather events; the natural seasons; energy.

With IGS

Surety of supply:

  • Our farms will deliver high volumes of crops to suit local diets, 12 months of the year anywhere in the world.
  • Your population and local food businesses will be delighted by the quality.
  • How we handle, water, light and ventilate your crops ensures very high consistency and appearance.
  • Zero pesticides are required, so no need for chlorinated washing.
  • Shelf life is significantly increased and post-organic standards apply.
  • Nutrition, flavour, texture and cooking qualities can all be optimised.

Labour and employment:

  • An IGS farm can be run by teams of local workers, creating new employment and reducing the reliance on expensive imports.
  • We can also offer you a fully automated version where robots and machines replace the labour if it is expensive or scarce.


  • Yield per m2 is exceptionally high and land can be scarce or expensive.
  • Locate your farms on cheaper, brownfield sites anywhere close to the point of consumption.
  • Renewable energy works well with IGS farms, ruling out hydrocarbons altogether.
  • Our closed-loop irrigation systems ensure the only water to leave the farm is inside the crops itself: the rest is recovered and re-used.
  • Our closed-loop ventilation system greatly reduces energy consumption.
  • Our plug-and-play system minimises energy consumption.
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The solution

For food producers

The challenges

You may be producing salads, sandwiches, soups, pies, frozen meals or many other value-added foods.

  • High quality ingredients are increasingly expensive and hard to source consistently.
  • Fresh supplies may only be available for a limited season.
  • Getting top quality fresh ingredients grown to organic standards at economically viable prices is almost impossible.

With IGS

Quality at affordable prices

  • Nutrition, flavour, texture and cooking qualities can all be optimised using IGS technologies.
  • Our farms operate very efficiently and will deliver these excellent crops at very attractive farm-gate prices.
  • You will now be independent of the wholesale market.
  • You can grow a wide range of crops and varieties.
  • You can change what you grow every day, week or month.

Certainty of supply

  • Our farms will deliver exactly the volumes you want 12 months of the year anywhere in the world.
  • Our partners at the James Hutton Institute can advise you and help breed crops with very particular characteristics to optimise your recipes.
  • For salad and sandwich producers, we can offer extended crop shelf lives.
  • You can advance or retard growth to optimise the supply chain into production.
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The solution

For retailers and restaurants

The problem

Operators of Food Retail, Restaurants, Cafés, Hotels and FoodService/Contract Caterers

  • Surety of high quality supply and a consistent appearance is essential to your offering.
  • You want the ability to change orders and deliveries on the fly.

You are under pressure from consumers and shareholders to demonstrate sound environmental credentials.

  • Waste should be minimised, so a good shelf life at an affordable price makes a big difference.
  • Logistics and food miles must be optimised.
  • Reducing the use of pesticides and hydrocarbon fuels is important.

With IGS

Surety of supply

  • Our farms will deliver exactly the volumes you want, 12 months of the year, anywhere in the world.
  • Our farms will produce Michelin Star quality ingredients at a high yield per m2 and per kWh.
  • How we handle, water, light and ventilate your crops ensures very high consistency and appearance.
  • Nutrition, flavour, texture and cooking qualities can all be optimised using IGS technologies.

The environment

  • An IGS farm can be located anywhere close to the point of consumption.
  • Zero pesticides are required.
  • This means no need for chlorinated washing so post-organic standards apply.
  • A renewable energy supply works well, ruling out hydrocarbons altogether.
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