This team is made up Systems Engineering, Support and Supply Chain.

What do we do?

This team’s ultimate focus is on making great products for our customers. These are the people that design, specify and build our precision-controlled indoor farming solutions. They are designers, engineers and technicians who take a collaborative approach to combine their knowledge and skillsets to develop the most innovative solutions for  indoor farming.

"Being one of the creators at IGS vertical farming technolgy is something I am very thankful for… and proud of. Bringing in new people to spread the knowledge, refine the design (with our co-workers' combined and expanding experience) and watching the ownership of each product discipline being picked up by the expanding team, has been incredible. The natural admiration and respect which has developed within IGS is not unheard of… but it is rare. For a very small company to gain the traction we have, we had to fight against the odds. This is what has brought us together in this natural way, and we are very strong because of it."

Dave Scott

CTO & Founder

"Freedom to do the right thing the right way; seeking opportunities to learn and get better as individuals, teams and as the company; and having a clear shared purpose that could change the world, from CEO all the way up to frontline, underpin every day at IGS for me. Being able to work with my team of high calibre engineers each day as we shape our vertical farming product to focus on a high quality user experience is a joy – it’s not without hard work and tough choices, but working closely with the other business functions has fostered a trust and loyalty that makes me know we are on the right path to success."

Gordy Wills

Head of Software Engineering

"Being a Design Engineer at IGS lets me work on making complex problems in vertical farming simple to solve. I get to work with exciting and understanding customers and smart, great people across the business to find the deeper issues and produce solutions that make a real, tangible difference to our users and their success. As I work across both the design and engineering streams, it means that I get to create a consistent, delightful and high-quality experience for users whilst also making the creation and iterations of features joyful and painless for our software developers."

Allan Corbett

UI/UX Designer/Engineer

"Being relatively new to the company, I am delighted with my start at IGS. Having received an extremely warm welcome through all levels of the organisation - right up to CEO - confirms that in IGS people really do come first, and there is genuine Investment in People. The vision for IGS is an inspiring one with innovative vertical farming technology that will have a huge impact on Global Food Security and Sustainability. There is an overall excitement within the team for the challenges ahead and I am very proud to be a part of the IGS journey."

Linda McCaig

Purchasing Manager

"Starting a new job in lockdown is not easy and getting up to speed in a virtual world can be a real challenge. The team at IGS was extremely welcoming and supportive which helped make the process as smooth as possible. I have found the culture at IGS to be inspiring and after only a short time I really feel part of the crew. We have a team that is very knowledgeable, talented and dedicated to working together to solve complex technical challenges in the vertical farming industry. I look forward to adding to the team and helping develop technology that could be used to make a difference to the future of global farming."

Martin Crisp

Senior Engineering Program Manager

"Having worked for large corporations for the majority of my career, it is like a breath of fresh air to work for an agile, fast-growing company. Although joining a new company during lockdown was hard, I already feel welcomed and a valued team member after only a few months. It has been an interesting time for me as moving into a different sector of engineering has made every day a learning experience and at the same time it has allowed me to use my existing knowledge to help develop conceptual ideas into finalised products being shipped to our clients. Overall, working for IGS has opened my eyes to the new future of agriculture in vertical farming and it's an exciting one."

Barry Anderson

Agri Chief Engineer

Meet the Great Products crew

Great Products

Sujaul Miah

Junior Software Engineer
Great Products

Helen Robertson

Detailed Design Engineer
Great Products

Jorge Cunha

Senior QA Engineer
Great Products

Adrian Hristov

Software Architect
Great Products

Grant Middleton

Head of Supply Chain
Great Products

Tom Journeaux

Electrical Design Engineer
Great Products

Michael Staffa

Site Reliability Engineer
Great Products

Susan Lambert

Technical Support Analyst

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