In May, our CEO David Farquhar was invited to meet a group of Primary 4 pupils at Braehead Primary School in Stirling, Scotland, as part of an Entrepreneurship programme at the school, facilitated by the team at Founders4Schools. David was asked to talk about his own time at school and share stories and experiences that led him into the world of work to get where he is today.

David, who has been running IGS since late 2017 is a seasoned technology entrepreneur but was also in the army for 8 years and has a passionate interest in climbing and the outdoors. This provided a lot of material and topics for conversation for the young audience. This was reflected in their enthusiastic questions and made for an enjoyable morning.

Talking about the session, David said: “I was very pleased to be asked to come and talk to this young group about my experiences. It was wonderful to hear their responses and questions, not all business related of course, but showing an enthusiasm and interest for a journey into work. It was particularly positive to hear how they responded to hearing about indoor farming, something they were not familiar with, like many people currently, but this will change dramatically in the future. These children will be coming into a different world of work where technology is absolutely pivotal and I believe it is so important to give them a taste of what jobs are out there and hopefully instil some ideas in their young heads about future jobs. Of course, as well as being interested to hear about how I fell 1000ft off a mountain and survived, they did show real interest in technology and that is an exciting thing to see.”

IGS is committed to working with our local communities and supporting great causes like Founders4Schools.