Festival of Politics 2021

October 20, 2021




The Festival of Politics 2021 will take place online from 20 to 24 October.

The next United Nations Climate Change Conference, known as COP26, is in Glasgow this November. With world leaders and experts in attendance, the climate emergency is at the top of the agenda.

The Festival of Politics aims to inform and inspire people with the knowledge to make a difference on climate change issues, by engaging with leading experts and thinkers. It will also cover other relevant themes, like Black History Month, mental health, and Scotland's recovery from Covid-19.

Join CEO of IGS, David Farquhar, at the following session:

Big brains for big solutions

To reach our climate goals we need academia, industry and the public sector to build the momentum to generate the innovative solutions across a vast range of sectors that will essentially save the planet! Optimism is reasonable, given that within solutions lie opportunities for business, investors and governments alike.  Whether it’s Elon Musk’s research and development of Tesla; to the UK inventors of a sea-weed based alternative to plastic; or the vertical farming revolution based in Dundee, investors and inventors are discovering that profit margins and green-solutions to the climate emergency are not mutually exclusive.  Join the panel to hear from some of the innovators at the forefront, the barriers they faced and their hopes for the future.

Confirmed panel date and time

  • Date: Sunday 24 October
  • Time: 11:30am – 12:30pm BST
  • Location: Online

Confirmed panellists

  • David Farquhar, IGS Ltd
  • Pierre Paslier, Skipping Rocks Lab
  • Anne Glover CBE, Founder and CEO Amadeus Capital Partners Ltd and RSE Fellow
  • Jaganndha Pawan Tamvada, Associate Professor in Strategy and Innovation
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