The IGS research network

Driving innovation through collaborative research

IGS’ Research Network brings together leading academic institutions from across the globe to drive innovation in Total Controlled Environment Agriculture (TCEA). 

The distributed network model is unique to IGS and the first of its kind, bringing together existing expertise across the globe, promoting collaboration, and enabling knowledge sharing through a connected network of IGS-powered vertical farms.

Inside an vertical farm with 9 growth trays stacked vertically. LED lights are rainbow coloured.

What is the Research Network?

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We believe that for TCEA to be optimised, three things need to work together:

  • Technology (hardware, software and data science)
  • The plant science (pure science)
  • The horticulture/agronomy (applied science)

All three parts of this triangulation are important individually and each impacts the other. We need scientific advances across all three areas to develop this young sector further.

IIGS wants to drive innovation in indoor growing by partnering with a small number of universities or academic institutions in different regions of the world. A jointly-funded IGS farm system will be established at each site so that academics can utilise the platform to carry out experiments and teaching, including research projects in collaboration with IGS and global partners from across the network. 

Close up of 4 growth trays in an IGS vertical farm with red LED lights on.
Man standing in the middle of an IGS vertical farming with growth trays on either side growing leafy greens.

Benefits to partners

IGS’ technology delivers a precision-controlled growing environment and has been proven across 4 continents on over 250 varieties from roots, fruits, tubers, trees, flowers, brassicas and leafy greens. 

Priority themes for research include plant analysis, photobiology, and nutrition, including. studying ways to enhance nutritional density with an emphasis on produce freshness, flavour and quality

Access to world-leading TCEA system for research and teaching

Collaboration with other partner institutes in a global team

Setting research themes, sharing knowledge, student exchanges

Consistency of experimentation across multiple global locations

Collaboration with other agrifood industry partners in paid research across a range of sectors

Ability to attract research grants

What an ideal partner looks like

We are actively recruiting academic partners specialising in Crop Science and Agronomy from around the world. 

We have agreements with an initial cohort of six partners and are in discussion with a number of other potential partners to complete our initial set.

Close up of pepermint leaf under purple LED lights in IGS growth tower.

Strong reputation in vertical farming technology, plant science or crop science

Motivation to join with us and make this concept work long-term

Availability of funding (either directly or via sponsorships)

Availability of a suitable location

Academics/staff available to manage the centre

Willingness to co-operate within the international network

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