Environmental policy

Intelligent Growth Solutions Ltd(IGS) is an Agritech and IOT Commercial Lighting technology vendor. It helps customers to grow food close to the point of consumption and improve the utility of their buildings, whilst optimising energy use and environmental impact. IGS recognises that it has both a direct and indirect impact on the environment through its activities. In all instances, the company will comply with relevant environmental legislation and continually improve its environmental performance.

IGS is committed to:

  • Resource efficiently through waste minimisation, re-use and recycling
  • Reducing employee road and air transport emissions through use of alternative travel modes such as walking, cycling and public transport
  • Reducing customer and food supply chain emissions by enabling the location of customers’ production facilities as close as possible to the point of consumption
  • Continuously improving the design and use of its technology to reduce energy consumption and help customers (growers, producers, governments) to meet climate change targets
  • Avoiding the use of pesticides in any of its indoor farming deployments
  • Optimising the yield-to-footprint ratio of its vertical farming design
  • Minimising the use of water its indoor farming deployments by recycling all water not consumed by crops and harvesting humidity condensed from recycled air
  • Using its closed-loop ventilation technology to minimise the need to heat or cool its deployed facilities and hence reducing energy consumption
  • Energy conservation through efficient powering and use of lighting as well as designing out computer hardware wherever possible
  • Working with suppliers and customers to also reduce their environmental impact
  • Monitoring and reporting on its environmental performance

David Farquhar, CEO