Growth Towers for indoor farming

Fully automated year round growing

An indoor ecosystem where plants thrive through automatically generated and applied growth recipes.

A 6 metre IGS growth tower with white led lights growing leafy green crops
Purple crops in IGS growth tower with 7 growth trays in background

Growth Towers

How we grow

The IGS Growth Tower is a fully-automated, vertical, Total Controlled Environment Agriculture (TCEA) platform. The Growth Tower platform is modular, scalable and can be configured to suit individual customer requirements. Our towers are available in six, nine or twelve metre configurations.

Our Growth Towers can grow multiple crops in one tower and the technology behind them allows them to be completely resource efficient.  

Growth trays with lights (GTLs)

Our growing platform

Our GTLs provide the transport mechanism, growing platform, hydroponics tray, ventilation and the growing lights in a single unit completely removable from the tower for cleaning and maintenance.

Each tray supports plants in a number of formats and is irrigated by a central lift mechanism. Cameras monitor growth activity by recording time-lapse photography and use reference images to predict and monitor crop health.

Bushy green basil growing under purple lights inside an IGS vertical farm.
Close up of plant growing with LED lights in background in an IGS vertical farm.

Integrated lighting

Underneath each tray, ventilated LED light strips illuminate on the growth tray below. The LEDs can be configured at tray level depending on the crop being grown.

Water going into a white pipe for hydroponic growing inside IGS vertical farm.


Our trays use ebb and flood hydroponic technology to deliver the required nutrients to each plant, recycling the dissolved nutrient solution back through the irrigation system to reduce water consumption.

Laptop and desktop on a desk with the screen showing a model of an IGS vertical farm.

Synchronised components

Our technology allows the tower’s ecosystem to work in line with HVAC controls to achieve optimal humidity for plant growth, all while reducing water usage. Humidity is condensed, captured, cleaned, and recycled.

Man standing in the middle of an IGS vertical farming with growth trays on either side growing leafy greens.


Our Growth Towers provide flexible and precise plant production in any climate, anywhere in the world. But what benefits do you gain over traditional methods?

Reduce labour through automated growth environment management

Highly automated growing environment compatible with standard horticultural automation

Controls enabled at farm/tower/tray/LED strip level 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Dynamic lighting utilised on each Growth Tray for low operational cost and maximum productivity

Minimise water loss through condensate capture from dehumidification

Centralised, cloud-based data capture simplifies operational optimisation

Efficient CO2 enhancement for optimised growing conditions

Significantly greater yield, quality and consistency with up to 30-50% faster crop cycles (on average)

Long term maintenance made easy due to accessibility and modularity


Our Growth Towers include technology which allows plants to thrive in the optimal conditions, with capabilities such as:

Close up of pepermint leaf under purple LED lights in IGS growth tower.

Manages light, temperature, humidity, water, nutrients and CO₂ levels

Supported LED dimming, pulsing and wavelength-mixing to maximise crop growth and quality

IoT-enabled remote monitoring and control of all systems

Remote crop monitoring and sensing with alerts

Designed to operate anywhere in the world

Can be grown with no protective chemicals or crop washing required (local regulations permitting)

Automated growth recipe deployment controls all environmental variables

Flexible growing environment allows multiple or single crops to be grown in each Growth Tower

Huge diversity in crop type growing capability with no hardware changes

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Our Growth Towers are a powerful, smart system built for any environment, anywhere in the world. Interested in investing in a vertical farm?

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