Growth Towers for Indoor Farming

Fully automated year round growing

An indoor ecosystem where plants thrive through automatically generated and applied growth recipes.


Our Growth Towers are a powerful, smart system built for any environment, anywhere in the world. But what benefits do you gain over traditional methods?

  • Manages light, temperature, relative humidity, water, nutrients and CO₂ levels

  • Fully automated Growth Tray systems support all these variables

  • 100% robotic handling if required

  • IoT-enabled remote monitoring and control of all systems

  • Controls enabled at farm/tower/tray/LED strip level 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

  • Dynamic lighting utilised on each Growth Tray

  • Humidity harvested from air

  • CO2/ O2 continuously balanced

  • Data capture direct to SaaS platform


Our Growth Towers have a multitude of technologies on board to allow plant development to thrive in the best conditions. They are packed with many capabilities.

  • Radical cost savings: power, installation, maintenance

  • Supports LED dimming, pulsing and colour-mixing to impact crop growth and quality

  • Significantly greater food productivity: yield, quality, consistency

  • IoT-enabled remote monitoring and control of all systems

  • In-tray ventilation delivers +/-1.5°c variation across the crop

  • AI-enabled recipe experimentation and optimisation for food production

  • Designed to operate anywhere globally

  • No pesticides, no crop washing required

  • Plants monitored for reaction to recipe changes

  • Grow multiple crops or varieties per tray

  • 30-50% faster crop cycles

Smart lighting

Light intensity and pulse

To solve the problems of appropriate light intensity and light pulse width modulation (PWM), IGS has developed a patented 3 phase technology for LED lights that varies intensity and PWM infinitely in .01% increments over all wavelengths simultaneously. Our platform achieves this while maintaining a 90%+ electrical efficiency from the power source to LEDs.

Lower costs

As we have worked to develop our technology, LEDs have become increasingly cheaper and more efficient, helping to reduce overall costs.

Increased efficiency

We’ve recently filed two patents to support our supplementary lighting system and have shown an increase in lighting efficiency by up to 50%.

Smart energy

Farming beyond lights

Increasing the efficiency of the lights was step one. Ultimately, we wanted to conceive an ecosystem that supported smart energy use.

We’ve developed a blend of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to smartly control light and minimise energy consumption. The system provides multi-modal control of lighting including spectrum (via linear or PWM control)delivers the light plants need to grow with optimised efficacy, helping vertical farmers to achieve maximum yield. Our patented technology features zero flicker, further improving growing conditions for an indoor environment.

IGS’s supplementary lighting system can work alongside our broader vertical farming technology platform to an indoor farm with scale, efficiency and reliability.

Climate control

High-efficiency closed loop ventilation

IGS’s smart power and communications system ensures a smooth, constant flow of power to lighting and maintains control over HVAC systems for delivery of appropriate air temperature and humidity. The result is steady, predictable crop growth.

Foreground Ventilation

  • Delivers very large volumes of slow-moving air across the crops

  • Avoids disturbance of crop canopy giving even, consistent growth

  • Optimized interaction of ventilation and lighting

  • Turns unwanted, excess heat into a benefit

  • No more than +/-1.5°C variation across a growth tray of 6.25m2

  • Ensures very consistent growth across a range of crops

  • Supports a variance 6-7°C between trays only 25cm apart

  • Enables huge variety of crops to grow in close proximity

Background Ventilation

  • Plants absorb CO2, convert the carbon into energy and release oxygen creating an imbalance in the mix of gases in the air within a closed environment

  • IGS background ventilation remixes this air to avoid “drowning” plants higher in the Growth Towers

  • Allows us to stack Growth Trays up to 12m high, reducing footprint

  • Warm, humid air is captured, cooled and the humidity condensed

  • Allows us to clean and recirculate the air mass

  • Allows us to capture the condensed humidity, clean it and recycle it within the watering system

  • Closed-loop water and air management inside an insulated shell

  • Minimises energy consumption

  • Minimises water consumption

Growth Trays

Centralised crop management

Each tray supports plants in a number of formats, including plugs or pots, and is irrigated by a central lift mechanism. Cameras monitor growth activity recording time-lapse photography and use reference images to predict and monitor crop health.

Integrated lighting

Underneath each tray, ventilated LED light strips illuminate on the growth tray below. There are approximately 1,100 LEDs per tray.

Self sustaining

Our trays use ebb and flood hydroponic technology to deliver the required nutrients to each plant, recycling the dissolved nutrient solution back through the irrigation system to reduce water consumption.  

Synchronised components

The tower ecosystem, in concert with the facility’s HVAC controls, is calibrated to achieve ideal humidity for plant growth and helps to further reduce water usage. Humidity is condensed, captured, cleaned and recycled.

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