Intelligent growth

For the pharmaceutical industry

Our vertical farms deliver optimised crop growth cycles and high quality crops in an environment free from pesticides.

The challenges

The pharmaceutical industry faces complex obstacles on the path to growth


Increased demand for plant biosecurity.

Greater control

Requires ability to perfect plant properties and emphasise specific characteristics.

Worldwide demands

Local supply of plants heightened through pandemics and increasing health demands.


High costs of power to operate indoor growing at scale.


Requires ability to grow at scale, collate data and repeat growth conditions continuously.

The solution

IGS provides the answer to your problems

Optimised crops

Precision and control are built in to ensure premium plant growth when and where needed.


Collaboration with scientists at The James Hutton Institute can characterise crops and perfect plant properties.

All natural

Plant biosecurity can be guaranteed through no pesticide use.

Energy efficient

IGS systems are more efficient and consume less power than competitors.

Smart growth

ML and AI capabilities ensure optimum data capture to identify repeatable crop algorithms.

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