Co-locate with a vertical farm operator

For energy producers

Redirect your energy to a vertical farm for a more efficient, stable commercial agreement.

Line of windmills on a beach by the sea. The sky is grey and cloudy.
Purple crops in IGS growth tower with 7 growth trays in background

The challenges

faced by energy producers today

Pricing instability

Long-term pricing instability.


Long-term market volatility predicted across Europe.

Diminishing support

Government tariff support is diminishing for applications such as biogas.

Double marginalisation

Energy producers receive a fraction of the energy wholesale price.

The advantages

of co-locating with an IGS vertical farm

Trays filled with flowers, hers and leafy greens under purple and white LED lights growing in an IGS vertical farm.


Entering long-term, direct-wire contracts ensures stability in a volatile energy market.

Energy prices

Receive a greater price per kWh than selling energy to the grid.

Circular economy

Become part of the circular economy.

Win-win outcomes

Energy producers and co-located vertical farm partners receive fairer, more stable energy prices.

Energy efficient

One of the most energy efficient vertical farming systems on the market.

Remove the middleman

Take control of the price you receive by partnering with one of our customers.


Energy producers can become vertical farmers themselves, diversifying their portfolio, and utilising their long-standing relationships with the agriculture industry.

Biogas and vertical farming


With biogas energy producers facing significant challenges selling their energy to the grid, co-locating a vertical farm with biogas sites presents a strong, business model. Why?

  • Receive a higher price per kWh than selling energy to the grid
  • Biogas operators are actively searching for horticultural partners
  • Direct-wire energy, heat, and CO2
  • Fully utilise your by-products
  • Enter long-term pricing contracts with our trusted partners
Diagram showing how biogas and vertical farming with together.

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