Seed to harvest

Growing vertically

An IGS vertical farm creates the perfect growing environment, year-round

Growers of seed-to-harvest crops (such as herbs and leafy greens) face a range of challenges, from an increasingly unpredictable climate to fluctuations in market demand and labour shortages. Our technology has been built with these challenges in mind and with flexibility at its core.  

An IGS Growth Tower provides a stable growing environment, capable of growing a range of crops. Production can be sped up, slowed down and even paused to deliver optimal harvests and reduce waste in line with market demand.

Close up of pak choi leaf with IGS growth towers in backgroud
Close up of lettuce growing in an IGS vertical farm under purple LED lights.


Faced by seed-to-harvest growers

Pests and disease

Pests and diseases can negatively affect yields and significantly increase production costs


Increasing costs and shortages of experienced labour can limit productivity

Extreme weather

Extreme weather events are affecting outdoor growing like never before, resulting in lost harvests

Market demand

Demand for certain crops can change seasonally and in response to unexpected events

Government restrictions

Many countries are implementing stricter controls and regulations around land and water use in response to environmental concerns

The IGS advantage

Our technology empowers growers to future proof their operations, allowing them to provide customers with high-quality, sustainably grown produce.

Purple and green leaf pac choi plants in iGS growth tower


Our technology delivers Total Controlled Environment Agriculture (TCEA), giving growers a stable and consistent growing environment, year-round.

Increased growth cycles

Growth cycles which are up to 50% faster than traditional methods


Growth rate can be managed and growth recipes tailored to develop specific crop characteristics, allowing production to flex on demand


The automation in our Growth Towers reduces human interaction with crops, meaning safer food production and lower OpEx

Smart growth

The growing environment can be modified and used to enhance key nutrients or boost desired flavour profiles

Continuous R&D

Continuous updates on crop growth recipes give you access to the most up-to-date knowledge in crop science


Traceability throughout the growing process helps ensure the highest level of food security


Formats for inputs in our Growth Towers allow traditional horticultural equipment to be used

Crops currently being grown in an IGS vertical farm

These crops have been successfully grown by our team of plant scientists at our Crop Research Centre in Dundee, Scotland.

Baby basil leaves close up grown under purple lights in IGS vertical farm.


Close up of dill in IGS growth towers under purple LED lights


Close up of single corriander leaf under purple LED lights in IGS growth tower


Close up of peppermint leaf under purple LED lights in IGS growth tower.


Green and purple mustard leafy greens close up in IGS vertical farm.

Leafy greens

Who we help


Grow in a precision-controlled environment for the highest quality, locally produced tree seedlings with significantly quicker growth cycles.

Energy producers

Redirect your energy to a vertical farm for a more efficient, stable commercial agreement.


IGS vertical farms can produce high quality, consistent raw materials as inputs for products.

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