Nursery growers

Starting plants in a vertical environment

Create the perfect environment for seedings

by integrating an IGS Growth Tower into your operations

Integrating an IGS Growth Tower into your existing operations can bring many advantages, including to help deliver year-round, consistent and predictable production of healthy, nutritious and clean plants, helping working to reduce waste and take greater control of your supply chain.

Topdown view of the inside of an IGS growth tower with purple LED lights.

The challenges

Faced by nursery growers today

Unpredictable growth cycles

Grow days can vary dependant on the time of year and weather conditions during a plants growth cycle

Importing propagules

Importing plants can lead to low quality, damage or disease resulting in high waste

Cold storage

Operations which require cold storage for plants can have high energy or space requirements, and can cause plants to lack vigour


Unseasonal or extreme weather events reduce yields and disrupt production

Protective chemicals

Protective chemicals increase operational costs and cause pollution and CO2 emissions

The IGS advantage

Our technology empowers growers to future-proof their operations by creating a hybrid growing model

Trays filled with flowers, hers and leafy greens under purple and white LED lights growing in an IGS vertical farm.


Our technology delivers Total Controlled Environment Agriculture (TCEA), giving growers a predictable, consistant growing environment, year-round

Faster growth cycles

Significantly enhanced growth cycles compared with field or glasshouse-grown systems, e.g., broadleaf tree seedlings grow six times faster

Consistency of supply

Consistent production of seedlings and plugs ensures better performance in the next stages of a plant's growth


Growth environment can be optimised to control the root. Vegetable production necessary and can be easily scaled to meet demand


Standardised formats ensure compatibility with third-party automation of sowing and transplanting

Optimised for growth

Ebb and flow hydroponic system gives plants the best start following germination, and ensures excellent root growth

Locally produced

Localising your supply chain increases profitability and yields, and shortens production timescales

Crops currently being grown in an IGS vertical farm

These crops have been successfully grown by our team of plant scientists at our Crop Research Centre in Dundee, Scotland.

Who we help


Grow in a precision-controlled environment for the highest quality, locally produced tree seedlings with significantly quicker growth cycles.

Energy producers

Redirect your energy to a vertical farm for a more efficient, stable commercial agreement.


IGS vertical farms can produce high quality, consistent raw materials as inputs for products.

How an IGS Vertical Farm can help you create a hybrid growing solution

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