Intelligent growth

For entrepreneurs

Scale your current growing operations to allow you to flex to meet market demand with our integrated vertical farming technology.

A 6 metre IGS growth tower with white led lights growing leafy green crops
Close up of lettuce growing in an IGS vertical farm under purple LED lights.

The challenges

Faced by entrepreneurs when starting out


Establishing what is the best solution to meet existing and future market needs.


Need to be certain that the highest quality, most marketable crops can be grown at the best price.


Requires a system when is easy to operate, secure, scalable and reliable.

Trusted supply

Peace of mind with pre-production contracts or access to supply chain locally and nationally.


Financially viable solution to attract investment and ensure strong ROI.

The solution

IGS provides the answer to your problems

Green baby basil taken from above with purple tinge from LED lights.

Future proof

IGS systems are modular, scalable and highly flexible.

Goes anywhere

Location agnostic – open ground or existing buildings; urban or rural.

Minimal water

Hydroponic growth is supported to grow crops free of pesticides with efficient and minimal water usage.


Proven and patented precision technology which has been engineered with commercially viable agriculture at its core.

Smart growth

ML and AI capabilities ensure optimum data capture to identify repeatable crop algorithms.

Always innovating

Crop trials carried out across produce range to demonstrate quality and capability.

Demo facility access

Customers can visit an operational demonstration farm in Scotland – in person or virtually.

Data access

Availability of economic efficiency and yield data.


Collaboration with crop science experts at The James Hutton Institute.

We want to help you

IGS offers a financial planning model to help deliver your goals.

Active interests

Established investor network looking for opportunities in this sector.

Cost effective

IGS systems are more efficient and consume less power than competitors.

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A guide to balance CAPEX and OPEX

Optimise plant growth with vertical farming

A guide to understanding the level of CAPEX investment that your business can support and the ongoing power and labour costs of running your vertical farm.

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