Our impact: governance

‘‘For IGS to make a positive impact on our planet, we must start with transparent and inclusive decisions, rethinking together, including with our team, our Board and Investors. We ensure that good governance is the foundation of our company, helping us to play our part in benefitting society and environment in a way which future generations can be proud of.’’

John Watson, Chair of IGS, Chair of Institute of Directors, Governing Council of ICAS

John Watson, Chair of IGS, standing up smiling. He is wearing glasses, a blue shirt and black jumper.

IGS maintains a rigorous approach to Governance and is committed to a transparent, fair and ethical environment for all of those working with or investing in us

Our Board is designed to deliver top quality Governance. It comprises three non-executive directors, two investor directors and one executive director. All our institutional investors are invited to send observers to every board meeting. Our reporting internally and externally to shareholders is regular and clear, providing the opportunity to engage and vote on key issues, where necessary.

We have robust risk and crisis management systems in place, which have stood up well during the COVID pandemic and the impact of Brexit. They continue to be actively reviewed and developed as we move forward. Across our supply chain we have established strong partnerships, selecting organisations reflecting our own values and reputational standards. As we continue to expand our work across the globe, this is of paramount importance.

Our accounting and reporting standards are independently verified and will include an opportunity to incorporate ESG criteria as we start to submit ourselves to independent third party assessment to accurately measure and publish our impact.

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