Total Controlled Environment Agriculture

Control all aspects of crop production, making it possible to consistently grow quality crops year in, year out.

Green batavia lettuce with IGS growth tower in background
Purple crops in IGS growth tower with 7 growth trays in background

What is TCEA?

The immediate environment provides the energy, water and nutrients needed for crops to grow which, in turn, determines yield and quality. Technology has allowed growers to optimise the environment through innovations such as polytunnels and glasshouses. This is what’s known as Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA).

We take CEA one step further with Total Controlled Environment Agriculture (TCEA), using artificial lighting, hydroponics, and other systems to completely control temperature, humidity, wind, and rain, working together to create the perfect growing environment.

Why we need TCEA

Empowering growers to reach new heights

CEA is reliant on natural light for plant production, which in many latitudes is not available year-round. It also requires large areas of flat land to scale production, and can be vulnerable to extreme weather events, such as flooding or hail. 

The IGS technology offers a fully-productised TCEA solution empowering growers to control their growing environment with dynamic, narrow-band wavelength LED lighting, integrated heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), closed-loop fertigation and sensing with automated handling.

A 6 metre IGS growth tower with white led lights growing leafy green crops
Close up of single corriander leaf under purple LED lights in IGS growth tower

Benefits of TCEA

Growing in control

TCEA puts growers back in control of their output – regardless of the time of year or what the weather is like outside. This has never been more important, given the increasing frequency of extreme weather events such as heatwaves and flash floods.

It also helps growers reduce operating costs with modular, scalable and resource-efficient technology, all working to ensure cost-effective, consistent produce.

Climate resilient - not reliant on external weather factors

Better control of inputs through closed-loop technologies and predictable growth patterns

Ability to grow in regions where the climate has been a limiting factor e.g. desert or extreme latitudes

Consistent yield and quality

Flexible to market conditions

Accelerated growth through optimised environment and crop management

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