Our technology

Introducing TCEA from IGS

Total Controlled Environment Agriculture

We’ve built the world’s finest TCEA platform that truly represents the future of indoor farming. Each element of the system interacts with our platform and proven off-the-shelf components.

Close up of leafy greens growing in an IGS vertical farm on a growth tray with pink LEDs on.

Our patented technology means you can control environmental elements, including lighting, watering, CO2 levels and nutrient delivery. We’ve designed it with economy and simplicity in mind.

The platform also interacts with external energy sources to deliver optimised power usage day and night, with advanced power management to ensure energy costs areas low as possible.

Our aim is to produce food of excellent quality at prices that are economically competitive and in a way that is environmentally sustainable: we call this the '3Es' of modern agriculture.

The challenges

Limitations of current indoor farming systems on the market


Current models of vertical farms struggle to grow a wide enough range of high-quality crops profitably and at scale.


Stacking growing space requires power-hungry automation and mechanics.


Power costs are driven up the challenges of achieving uniform lighting and ventilation with the required levels of control.


Monocultures are more susceptible to the effects of pests and require tight, balanced environmental control or pesticides.


The industry has generated lots of attention and investment, but profitability remains elusive.

IGS has solved all these challenges

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