IGS vertical farming technology

Proven technology with added science

Our design philosophy when it comes to technology has always been about putting the needs of growers first. By keeping our design simple, we allow our customers to focus on what they do best - growing great plants.

Man with black shade glasses on holding a plant inside an IGS vertical farm.
Bushy green basil growing under purple lights inside an IGS vertical farm.

How our technology works

The technology used in our towers is already used at scale across a range of global industries. This allows us to add value to proven components with our application of science and engineering. The modularity of our vertical farming technology also makes it easy to scale operations and carry out maintenance, without interrupting production - perfect for large scale operations.

The benefits of our approach to vertical farming technology can be seen below.

Heating, ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC)

Consistency and efficiency

Our closed loop design creates the perfect growing environment, in any location. Crops are not affected by the external climate, while our HVAC system provides both active cooling of lights and environmental control, and creates the perfect environment for growing.

The benefits of our HVAC system are summarised below.

Woman standing inside and controlling IGS growth tower through controller

Provide dynamic cooling of the lighting

Condensate recovery of up to 400L/day per 12m tower from closer loop ventilation system

Closed loop ventilation with UV sterilisation for a cleaner growing chamber

CO₂ recirculation to reduce cost and limit venting of CO₂ from the facility

Easy access and modular for maintenance

Ventilation is controlled at each growth tray and is distributed evenly across full growing area

Man standing in the middle of an IGS vertical farming with growth trays on either side growing leafy greens.


Optimised energy use

Our Growth Towers have been designed to be the perfect consumer of energy. Native three-phase design can flex and integrate with renewables onsite or offsite. You bring the power, we’ll make it work.

The benefits of our patented energy system are summarised below.

Extra-low voltage system provides a safe working environment

Easy to install and maintain without expensive electricians needed for maintenance

Simplified electrical design

Reduced capacity on main connection thanks to the removal of inrush and power factor issues


More than LEDs

Our patented system provides multi-modal control of lighting, including spectrum, and delivers the light plants need to grow with optimised efficacy. It features zero flicker, further improving growing conditions.

The benefits of our lighting are summarised below.

Inside an vertical farm with 9 growth trays stacked vertically. LED lights are rainbow coloured.

Scalable, dynamic lighting system enabled at each level within the Growth Tower

Narrow-band wavelength LEDs provide photon optimisation for improved plant performance

Reduced heat load as lighting is tuned to the plants requirements minimising waste light turning to heat

Easy to maintain as lighting is removed between growth cycles

Water going into a white pipe for hydroponic growing inside IGS vertical farm.


Closed loop system

The IGS fertigation system is closed loop with no discharges to the ground or watercourse. It provides the grower with the ability to fully tailor the nutrient solution and its application schedule to individual requirements.

The benefits of our fertigation system are summarised below.

Closed loop system to minimise water and nutrient consumption

Flexible inputs allow growers to use their preferred nutrients source

Irrigation events pre-scheduled as part of the growth recipe

Easy and low cost system to maintain

Modular design, allowing different towers to be optimised to different crop needs

Take a virtual tour of our Growth Towers

Our Growth Towers are a powerful, smart system built for any environment, anywhere in the world. Interested in learning more about vertical farming?

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