Vertical farming technology

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IGS uses unique vertical farming technology in its products to help be one of the best in the vertical farming world.

Inside an IGS Growth Tower with 9 growth trays growing leafy greens under white light.

Our technology

Discover the technology IGS use and what you get when you invest in our vertical farms.

Growth Towers

Fully automated year round growing. An indoor ecosystem where plants thrive through automatically generated and applied growth recipes.
Trays filled with flowers, hers and leafy greens under purple and white LED lights growing in an IGS vertical farm.
Topdown view of the inside of an IGS growth tower with purple LED lights.

Total Controlled Environment Agriculture (TCEA)

We’ve built the world’s finest TCEA platform that truly represents the future of indoor farming. Each element of the system interacts with our platform and proven off-the-shelf components.

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