Produce tree saplings in an IGS vertical farm

For commercial forestry and reforestation

Vertically farm tree saplings for the highest quality, locally produced tree saplings with significantly quicker growth cycles.

Small fir tree seedlings growing in a square grid tray in an IGS vertical farm.
Conifer seedlings on a metal growth tray inside of an IGS vertical farm.

The challenges

Faced by tree sapling producers

Low & uneven germination rates

Significant losses across the industry.

Growth cycles

Long growth cycles due to reliance on seasonal weather.

Disease & pests

Forests are being lost due to disease and pests, such as bark beetle.

Labour costs

Labour costs increasing globally for this labour intensive practice.

Low volume of saplings

Productivity and extreme weather losses mean a small volume of saplings reach maturity.

Poor survival rates

Poor survival rates of planted saplings leads to significant productivity losses.

The advantages

of growing with an IGS vertical farm

Full growth tray full of lettuce with 5 stacked growth trays in background growing under purple LED lights.

Higher germination rates

Controlling every environmental variable enables far higher and more uniform germination rates.

Faster growth cycles

Grow broad leaves 600% faster, and conifers 30% faster.


Isolated from the outside environment and with no human intervention, saplings are grown disease and pest free.

Reduced labour costs

IGS Growth Towers’ have integrated automation and minimise human labour costs using commercial off the shelf equipment.

Energy efficient

One of the most energy efficient Vertical Farming system on the market.

Increase volume of sapling production

Being weather and climate independent, IGS Growth Towers enable many more trees to be produced than traditional methods.

Increase survivability

Harden off saplings preparing them for planting.

IGS x Forestry Land Scotland

Case Study

Forestry Land Scotland (FLS) have turned to IGS system which leverages hydroponics and controlled indoor environments to optimise sapling growth. Why?

  • Conifers grow to 75mm 33% quicker than traditional systems
  • Higher germination rates across all species
  • Broad leaves grow to 20-40cm spec in 3 months as opposed to 18-24 months
  • Higher survivability across all species
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How an IGS vertical farm creates the perfect growing environment for tree saplings.

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