Discovering the power of light

and automation
“We are at the leading edge of a new industry where we have developed patented technologies that enable highly efficient production”
Dave Scott – Founder and CTO

The Lighting Problem

  • No competitor can currently vary light intensity from 0 to 100% without losing electrical efficiency- often 30%+
  • No competitor can combine pulse width modulation (PWM) and intensity to simulate solar radiation.
  • Current capex costs do not reflect the falling cost of LEDs and are preventing adoption of the technology.

Our Lighting Solution

  •  IGS can vary both intensity and PWM infinitely in .01% increments over all wavelengths simultaneously AND maintain 90%+ electrical efficiency from grid to LEDs.
  • This is a prerequisite to allow photon optimisation and enable feed back loops to be developed. This facilitates recurring income from software and data capture allowing IGS to reduce capex costs on behalf of licensees.
  •  IGS has filed two patents in this area; one has been granted and the other is pending.


IGS is increasing LED efficiency by up to 50%

The Automation Problem

  • Competitor units are not easily scalable, difficult to fully automate and often require buildings that are difficult to scale in a modular way.
  • Vertical farms must be flexible and easily programmed for any crop. This currently is not possible.
  • Cleanroom technology must isolate each growth area which is expensive and labour intensive.

Our Automation Solution

  • IGS automated growth tower is fully programmable to suit many diverse crops.
  • The growth trays are ALL returned to the base of the towers for planting, watering, fertigation, harvesting and monitoring which integrates easily with other upstream and downstream automation and robotics.
  • Total automation is technically feasible.
  • IGS has one patent granted in this area.


IGS is collapsing the cost of labour by up to 80%

The Power Management Problem


  • Fluctuation in the demand for national power increases average costs per kW-h.
  • Local power generation also needs to be optimized to be efficient.
  • When local and national power systems are integrated plant growth can not be optimized without smart controls.

Our Power Management Solution

  • IGS’ patented controls can efficiently adjust plant growth in real-time allowing the local power plant to run at full capacity whilst simultaneously either importing power when cheap or exporting when costly. Effectively acting as a large battery where the energy is converted into food.


IGS is collapsing the cost of power used by up to 50%