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Growth Station platform

Growth Stations

IGS Growth Stations are the ideal solution for large-scale low-rise buildings such as sheds. They utilise the same core plug-and-play platform as our Growth Towers, enabling real-time control of all weather variables via seamless cloud and Internet of Things integration. This is not for residential or consumer use. It is for commercial and industrial use cases.

Growth Stations 1


Growth Stations 2

Growth Stations have many of the tools developed within the Growth Towers. A frame is attached to the wall supporting aluminium bars that carry the ventilation and LED lighting. Each frame supports up to 8 levels of lighting and ventilation. The trays of plants are stacked onto industry-standard Danish trolleys which are manually wheeled into position on the Growth Stations. Hundreds of Growth Stations can be fitted into each room and are typically used for germination or propagation.

Dynamic lighting utilised on each LED strip

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Lights can be flexed per LED strip, per tray, per station or whole farm

Direct ventilation to each tray

Allows single storey retro-fit

Manual handling


Manual or AI-driven recipe creation


Plants monitored for reaction to recipe changes

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Data capture direct to SaaS platform

Ideal for growth recipe experimentation and crop trials

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