Fully automated growth towers

An indoor ecosystem where plants thrive through automatically generated and applied recipes of weather.

Limitations of current indoor farming systems on the market

Current models of vertical farms struggle to grow a wide enough range of high quality crops profitably and at scale.

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Stacking growing space requires power-hungry automation and mechanics.

Power costs are driven up by a combination of inefficient lighting and weak ventilation.

Monocultures breed pests and require tight, balanced environmental control or pesticides.

The industry has generated lots of attention and investment but profitability remains elusive.

IGS has solved all these challenges

Welcome to the starting gate.

Total Controlled Environment Agriculture

We’ve built the world’s finest TCEA platform that truly represents the future of indoor farming. Each element of the system interacts with our platform and proven off-the-shelf components. Our patented technology means you can control environmental elements, including lighting, watering and nutrient delivery. We’ve designed it with economy and simplicity in mind, so we’ve minimised the electronics and completely removed computers and cabling.

The platform also interacts with external energy sources to deliver optimised power usage day and night, with the ability to alternate between power sources to ensure energy costs are as low as possible.

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Benefits and capabilities



Light intensity and pulse

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To solve the problems of appropriate light intensity and light pulse width modulation (PWM), IGS has developed a patented 3 phase technology for LED lights that varies intensity and PWM infinitely in .01% increments over all wavelengths simultaneously. Our platform achieves this while maintaining a 90%+ electrical efficiency from grid to LEDs.

As we have worked to develop our technology, LEDs have become increasingly cheaper and more efficient, helping to reduce overall capital costs.

We’ve recently filed two patents to support our supplementary lighting system, and have shown an increase in LED efficiency by up to 50%.

Looking beyond lights

Increasing the efficiency of the lights was step one. Ultimately, we wanted to conceive an ecosystem that supported smart energy use.

We’ve developed a blend of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to smartly control light and minimise energy consumption. The system provides multi-modal control of lighting including spectrum (via pulse & dim) delivers the light plants need to grow with optimised efficiency, helping vertical farmers to achieve maximum yield. Our patented technology features zero flicker, further optimising growing conditions for an indoor environment.

IGS’s supplementary lighting system can work alongside our broader vertical farming technology platform to provide indoor farmers with scale, efficiency and reliability.

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A growth-focused partner

All of our systems are modular and built with your business growth in mind. We supply the kit to your location, the construction and assembly partners. We can help with your financial planning and advise on the infrastructure services (energy, water, web) that you’ll need.

We also partner with the James Hutton Institute https://www.hutton.ac.uk/ to provide you with world class crop science, plant breeding and varietal selection advise.

IGS Growth Trays

Each tray supports plants in plugs or pots and is irrigated by an independent crane-based lift. Cameras monitor growth activity recording time-lapse photography and we use Google images to estimate crop age so the system can determine plant needs. 

Underneath each tray, ventilated LED light strips illuminate on the growth tray below. There are approximately 1100 LEDs per tray.

We’ve built drains into the trays that circulate water back into the irrigation system. The tower ecosystem, in concert with the facility’s HVAC controls, is calibrated achieve ideal humidity for plant growth and helps to further reduce water usage. Humidity is condensed, captured, cleaned and recycled.

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