Extending the growing day all year round

Modular lighting with intelligence built in

We wanted to build a solution that would make supplementary lighting more effective and less expensive so that indoor farmers could focus on growing healthy crops economically. Based on a rigid 3-tier grid of aluminium busbars (tubes), the system can support LED lights, cameras and sensors to monitor crop development as well as lighting the crops.

It can be remotely controlled or set to switch on when natural sunlight fails or fades and timed to deliver light for a maximum number of hours per day. It can also be set to deliver a particular quality of light, mimicking Mediterranean, savannah, tropical, temperate and other growth climates.

Supplementary Lighting 1


90% less power than conventional lights

Low voltage

No electrician required, reducing installation costs by a third


No trunking, cables or cable trays

No computers: all systems are monitored and controlled remotely over the internet

Modular setup suitable for different shop layouts

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Elegant, minimalist design

Connectors allow layouts in 45° increments

Controllable ambient and accentuated lighting

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