Intelligent Growth

For Consumer Food businesses

The Challenges

faced by consumer food businesses today


Surety of consistently, high-quality produce, grown locally and sustainably to meet consumer demand.


Food supply chain security more important than ever.

Consumer demands

Increasingly consumer conscious purchasing demands sustainable solutions.

Waste reduction

Requirements can change at short notice and generates considerable waste.

The IGS Solution

for your

Quality guaranteed

Quality, nutritious and flavoursome produce guaranteed and optimised.

Trade value

Ability to grow the very best crops at very attractive farm-gate prices.


Collaboration with scientists at The James Hutton Institute can characterise crops to enhance recipes.

Quality for less

Michelin Star quality ingredients at a high yield per m2 and per kWh.

Smart growth

ML and AI capabilities ensure optimum data capture to identify repeatable crop algorithms.

for your
supply chain

Grow on demand

Ability to produce crops when, where and what you want all year round.

Low mileage

Locally grown close to point of consumption, easily delivered and extended shelf life.

Flexible & minimal

Flexibility of demand to change orders at short notice with minimal waste impact.

for the


Environmentally sound production – minimal waste, low food miles and no pesticides.

Low consumption

IGS systems are more efficient and consume less power than competitors.

Carbon neutral

Renewable energy can be used ruling out hydrocarbons altogether.

Reduce & Reuse

IGS closed-loop irrigation systems ensure the only water leaving the farm is inside the crops itself: the rest is recovered and re-used.

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