Intelligent Growth

For Governments

The Challenges

faced by governments today


Food security is paramount. Local, sustainable supply of produce is needed.


Nutritious, safe and quality produce to meet increasingly diversified consumer requirements.

Local economy

Labour scarcity or desire to enhance local business opportunity.


Address resource depletion and environmental challenges with sustainable and reliable agricultural innovation.

The IGS Solution

your supply

Future proof

Delivery of wide range of crops for local diets, all year round, in any location in the world.

Locally sourced

Import dependency is greatly reduced.


Environmentally sound production – minimal waste, low food miles and no pesticides.

Crop guarantee

Quality, nutritious and flavoursome produce guaranteed.


Collaboration with crop science experts (at The James Hutton Institute).

for your


Employment for teams of local workers and new skills capabilities.

New possibilities

Enhancing local supply chain and logistics functionality.


Automated solutions

If labour is scarce or expensive a fully automated farm can be installed.

for your

Smaller scale, bigger output

Scarce land or water can be optimised with a smaller, more efficient growing system in any region of the world.

Less power needed

IGS systems are more efficient and consume less power than competitors.

Carbon neutral

Renewable energy can be used ruling out hydrocarbons altogether.

Self sustaining

IGS closed-loop irrigation systems ensure the only water leaving the farm is inside the crops itself: the rest is recovered and re-used.

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