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"When I joined IGS in 2019 we had about 25 employees. In the year and a half we grew to nearly 100 and it has been a wild journey. It’s amazing to see how the company changes on a weekly basis either by new talent joining our team or by creating and implementing new processes. I enjoy helping the company to grow and making sure we are the best company to work for due to our very friendly environment where people always come first!"

Lucie Opltova

HR Advisor / Senior Administrator

"Being one of the creators at IGS is something I am very thankful for… and proud of. Bringing in new people to spread the knowledge, refine the design (with our co-workers' combined and expanding experience) and watching the ownership of each product discipline being picked up by the expanding team, has been incredible. The natural admiration and respect which has developed within IGS is not unheard of… but it is rare. For a very small company to gain the traction we have, we had to fight against the odds. This is what has brought us together in this natural way, and we are very strong because of it."

Dave Scott

CTO & Founder

"Freedom to do the right thing the right way; seeking opportunities to learn and get better as individuals, teams and as the company; and having a clear shared purpose that could change the world, from CEO all the way up to frontline, underpin every day at IGS for me. Being able to work with my team of high calibre engineers each day as we shape our product to focus on a high quality user experience is a joy – it’s not without hard work and tough choices, but working closely with the other business functions has fostered a trust and loyalty that makes me know we are on the right path to success."

Gordy Wills

Head of Software Engineering

“As the plant scientist at IGS I have all the support including hardware, software and crop management activities at our Crop Research Centre to take crop science into a different level. I believe we can contribute to very important developments and grow crops in a way that we could not do in the past. In a very supportive environment, crop production is our main focus, and our ultimate goal is to provide the best conditions for high yield and excellent crop quality. This is what I aim to achieve every day. This technology has the potential to impact future crop production and complement traditional agriculture. It is a very good feeling to be part of the vibrating IGS team and I think the strong support and help will make it possible to grow excellent crops.”

Csaba Hornyik

Plant Scientist

"Being a Finance employee for almost 2 years what I most appreciate is the open-door culture of IGS where you can speak your mind and be heard. Another important aspect is the people we work with. You always can rely on support and at the same time have a great laugh with the team. What also makes me proud is being part of the company whose product is a true state of the art and the future of the agriculture. This gives me huge confidence in the IGS's future and success."

Martin Creegan

Company Accountant

"When I joined IGS in 2017, it was a big change for me. I joined from a corporate background and this was my first experience of a new start up business. My role in finance brings me in contact with all areas of the business, and many external stakeholders. It has been fascinating watching the company grow from a R&D start up, to one with huge potential. My role has changed in line with this company growth, as we have brought on board customers and deployed our towers. I am very excited about what the future looks like."

Donald Clark

Financial Controller

"I have worked for IGS since September 2020 in HR. The company is at a very exciting phase of development, with lots of new people coming on board all the time. There are people from about 17 different countries, working across a range of business disciplines, which makes for an interesting mix. I enjoy the variety of the role and have had to adapt the approach to changes as we go along. We are a new team, learning to work together, with a new product, in a new marketplace. This fact alone, is exciting and motivating!"

Donald Mackenzie

Head of HR

"Being a Design Engineer at IGS lets me work on making complex problems simple to solve. I get to work with exciting and understanding customers and smart, great people across the business to find the deeper issues and produce solutions that make a real, tangible difference to our users and their success. As I work across both the design and engineering streams, it means that I get to create a consistent, delightful and high-quality experience for users whilst also making the creation and iterations of features joyful and painless for our software developers."

Allan Corbett

UI/UX Designer/Engineer

"From my very first day, I've been encouraged to ask questions and share my opinions on how we should go about solving complex problems. The culture around all of our knowledge being shared is empowering and I count myself lucky to learn from and work with such talented people every day. As a Junior Software Engineer, moving to remote working has had its challenges, but the way our team and the wider company handles change has allowed us to keep producing work that we can be proud of. Knowing that I can rely on each and every person in my team to support me, with work or in a personal sense, makes working at IGS a true pleasure."

Gavin Roderick

Software Engineer

"Teamwork is one of the cornerstones of IGS. It is more than just a concept, it is very much at the heart of our business; it is at the heart of what we do. Through collaboration, we are able to work through problems, to find solutions. There is no such thing as a silly question. Within the organisation, there is a wealth of knowledge and experience, and it is inspiring to see our people pulling together to create products and systems which will improve food production the world over. I am proud to be part of the team."

Neil Wardrope

Supply Chain Manager

"Being relatively new to the company, I am delighted with my start at IGS. Having received an extremely warm welcome through all levels of the organisation - right up to CEO - confirms that in IGS people really do come first, and there is genuine Investment in People. The vision for IGS is an inspiring one with innovative technology that will have a huge impact on Global Food Security and Sustainability. There is an overall excitement within the team for the challenges ahead and I am very proud to be a part of the IGS journey."

Linda McCaig

Purchasing Manager

"Starting a new job in lockdown is not easy and getting up to speed in a virtual world can be a real challenge. The team at IGS was extremely welcoming and supportive which helped make the process as smooth as possible. I have found the culture at IGS to be inspiring and after only a short time I really feel part of the crew. We have a team that is very knowledgeable, talented and dedicated to working together to solve complex technical challenges. I look forward to adding to the team and helping develop technology that could be used to make a difference to the future of global farming."

Martin Crisp

Senior Engineering Program Manager

"Having worked for large corporations for the majority of my career, it is like a breath of fresh air to work for an agile, fast-growing company. Although joining a new company during lockdown was hard, I already feel welcomed and a valued team member after only a few months. It has been an interesting time for me as moving into a different sector of engineering has made every day a learning experience and at the same time it has allowed me to use my existing knowledge to help develop conceptual ideas into finalised products being shipped to our clients. Overall, working for IGS has opened my eyes to the new future of agriculture in vertical farming and it's an exciting one."

Barry Anderson

Agri Chief Engineer

"My colleagues at IGS are friendly, professional and hardworking. They made me feel very welcome when I started back in September 2020. It is great working for a company that is growing so quickly yet manages to still maintain a relaxed and friendly atmosphere."

Freddie Reed

Product Manager

"Watching IGS grow from a small R&D company to one of the most advanced and respected Controlled Environment Agriculture companies in the world has been incredible. Being part of it has been exhilarating, challenging and ultimately rewarding. It is always a pleasure to demonstrate our technology and inform the world about what we are doing and the positive responses are really something to be proud of. Our honest and innovative approach applies to both the tech and our personnel and ensures we are able to communicate the best solution to our customers, without compromise."

Doug Elder

Pre-Sales Manager

"Being one of the first sales people to join IGS has been a great adventure. From starting up conversations with new prospects to selling the first vertical farms for the company has made this job very interesting to me. We are now in the process of expanding the sales team world-wide which brings a whole new dimension to my job at IGS. Every day is different and every day you will learn something new. To be in contact with customers, government agencies, suppliers, partners and potential investors over the whole world bring a great dynamic to my workplace. We are getting a lot of traction in the agritech space and the company is growing at a phenomenal rate. I'm really proud of being part of this success story to change the way the world is producing high quality and nutritious crops."

Bart Benninga

Sales Manager EMEA

"My past experience has only been in corporate environments, so it was a really interesting change to join a Scottish start-up - and it has exceeded all expectations. I was drawn to the innovative culture of IGS and its ambition and vision to make a really positive difference to global food sustainability. There are so many aspects of my job at IGS which I love, but the stand-out areas are: the ability to instantly make a difference; creating and implementing a deployment strategy and methodology; the rapid pace of change; and true collaboration and team-work."

Kathleen Honeyman

Global Projects Director

"I am delighted to be part of IGS, one of the UK's brightest agritech innovators, and proud of my contributions to its growth and development. Everyone in our team is accessible, and cross-functional working is encouraged. I am constantly impressed by the professionalism, output and achievements across the business. My product marketing recommendations and ideas lead to new approaches and systems within the company, which is very satisfying and a strong endorsement of my commitment to Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Contributing to the Employee Engagement Group is also very rewarding and has enhanced IGS' culture and employee benefits."

Steven Mitchell

Product Marketing Manager

"I'm excited and proud to work for a diverse company that is challenging the status quo and is striving to tackle one of the world's major challenges of securing access to sustainably produced food. IGS believes in working together to the common goal of creating ideal conditions for people and plants and this vision is also reflected in the corporate culture and leadership team. IGS truly cares about each employee and empowers openness, honesty and transparency. It's a fantastic place to work where I can call colleagues my friends."

Valerie Lederer

Marketing Manager, Intelligent Grid

"IGS is an exciting, forward-thinking company that values and respects its employees. There is a real sense of teamwork and the trusting, collaborative culture is refreshing. While at IGS, I have had the opportunity to progress; working in the R&D team, and now, in the Deployment team. This experience has allowed me to work closely with innovative technology; make improvements and develop the product; and then travel across the globe to implement the best solution for each of our customers."

Olly Nicol

Multi-disciplined engineer

"Working as part of the Deployment team as IGS transitions from a small R&D start-up into a well-respected forerunner of the agritech industry is an incredible opportunity. Each day, I work to ensure customer delight, providing honest communication, problem-solving any issues that may arise, and using our learnings to shape robust processes and methodologies that allow for the successful deployment of our innovative technology. It is such an exciting time to be part of the team and it is hugely rewarding to know the impact that our product will have across the world."

Josh Havens

Development Manager

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