Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit





June 2023

New York, USA & Virtual

Join us at Indoor AgTech 23 and take a virtual tour of one of our farms

Visit IGS at Booth 4 at Indoor AgTech 23, and step inside one of our vertical farms and experience our technology virtually.


Steve Gereb, Head of North American Operations

Working with Famers to Apply Vertical Farming to Field Agriculture

June 29 at 3:00PM

Cole Weber, Head of Sales for North America

Making the Costs Stack Up for Long-Term Viability

June 30 at 12:25PM

About IGS

Founded in Scotland in 2013, Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS) is a technology company combining agronomy, plant science and engineering expertise to create vertical farming systems that enable year-round growing in a controlled environment.  

At IGS, we call our vertical farms, Growth Towers and they use patented technology in the areas of power, control and automation to create a finely calibrated environment for growing crops and young plants. IGS achieves this through Total Controlled Environment Agriculture (TCEA), which offers consistent and predictable crop production in any suitable location with precision control over each element of the growing environment. IGS’ technology is well-suited to integration alongside open field or glasshouse production to create a hybrid growing system for transplant and propagules.  

As a pure technology vendor, IGS grows crops only for research and development purposes, with an experienced team of plant scientists, agronomists and horticulturalists operating from its Crop Research Centre near Dundee, Scotland. This site is adjacent to the James Hutton Institute, a world-renowned crop and plant science research facility, enabling the two organisations to collaborate closely to help advance the understanding of plant science for indoor growing.

The combination of our technology, people and service makes IGS the perfect partner for large scale growers.  

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