The Future of Vertical Farming Live Webinar





May 2023


As the world population is projected to reach 9.3 billion by 2050, the UN warns that we must produce 60% more food by then to meet the increasing demand.

Without significant change to our growing methods, this would require 593 million additional hectares of agricultural land — an area almost twice the size of India.

With growers struggling to keep up with this rising demand for food, we need vertical farming to work now more than ever.

But we are reaching a tipping point in the sector.

Vertical farming businesses are failing as they grapple with investing in both developing their own technology and growing crops, two very different skills. As a result, they struggle to generate the necessary yields, across a large enough variety of crops, at a sufficient scale, to return a profit.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you heard of a farmer building their own combine harvester?

This has led to misconceptions and scepticism about the sector such as ‘the technology is not advanced enough’, ‘you can only grow low calorie foods in a vertical farm’, or ‘the payback period is too long.’

As a vertical farm infrastructure company, our mission is to build the right tech to show that vertical farming can be a robust system that can withstand the challenges we are facing globally.

Join us on Thursday May 4th, 4pm GMT to discover:

• The biggest misconceptions about vertical farming, and the real opportunities.
• Farms of the future: How vertical farming complements existing agriculture infrastructure.
• The most common challenges of vertical farming and how to overcome them.

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