Create the perfect growing climate for Basil in an IGS vertical farm

Vertical farming technology

Find out how an IGS vertical farm gives you total control over your growing environment

Extreme weather and more hostile climate make growing in open field and glasshouses challenging and can result in increased costs and reduced harvests. Find out how an IGS vertical farm gives you total control over your growing environment.

Year-round continuous production with payback periods in an as little as 5 years

Our patented technology delivers complete control over the growing environment, light, water, nutrition, airflow, temperature are completely controlled to ensure that the desired crop profiles are achieved every time in a reliable and repeatable way.

Benefits of IGS

Pesticide free

Our vertical farms are bio-secure so there is no need for pesticides to protect crops from pests and diseases.

Increase yields

Crop growth cycles are 30-50% faster in an IGS Growth Tower, allowing you to flex to meet market demand.

Crop stability

Reduce losses associated with pests and unpredictable weather and achieve the desired crop profiles in a reliable, repeatable way.

Complete control

We've built the world's finest Total Controlled Environment Agriculture (TCEA) platform, delivering complete control over your growing environment.

Advantages of growing basil in an IGS vertical farm

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How an IGS Vertical Farm creates perfect growing environment for basil

Why grow basil vertical?

Alongside a consistent and repeatable yield, growing basil in a Vertical farm can reduce both land and water use, increased crop quality and also benefit from reduced labour costs. Find out more and download our free e-guide today.