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Improve plant quality & consistency with a vertical farm from IGS

Our vertical farming technology provides a complete climate controlled growing environment, allowing propagator and nursery growers to improve propagule and young plant consistency.

Find out how a vertical farm could work for your business

Advantages of integrating a vertical farm into your growing process

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Reduce water consumption by up to 98% using our patented technology.

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Grow year round in a totally controlled climate with TCEA.

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Ensure repeatable plant consistency to increase yield.

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Simplify planting schedules to match supply of quality plants to demand

Take control,
increase productivity

Integrating an IGS vertical farm into your existing operations can bring many advantages, including year-round, consistent and predictable production of healthy and clean seedlings, propagules and plants, helping to reduce waste and take greater control of your supply chain.

Topdown view of the inside of an IGS growth tower with purple LED lights.
Reduce waste

By growing starter plants in an IGS Growth Tower, you can significantly improve plant quality and reduce waste from losses.

Increase yields

Using young plants grown in an IGS Growth Tower, growers can expect to see an uplift in yield of up to 30%.

Watering fertigation close up in an IGS vertical farm
Small fir tree seedlings growing in a square grid tray in an IGS vertical farm.
Improving growing times

Supply on time from planting schedules and remove the need for the cold storage of plants by integrating a vertical farm into your existing operations.

Complete control over growing climate

Extreme weather events such as hailstorms and droughts can significantly reduce the yield and quality of plants. Take full control over your growing environment with an IGS Growth Tower.

Inside an vertical farm with 9 growth trays stacked vertically. LED lights are rainbow coloured.

Benefits of using our vertical farming technology

Secure future production

Unseasonal and extreme weather can put your supply chain at risk. Growth Towers allow you to bring starter plant growth in-house to reduce reliance on imports and secure future production.

Complementary to existing structures

Growth towers can complement your existing setup and the modularity of our growth towers means you can scale as your business grows.

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How an IGS Vertical Farm can help you create a hybrid growing solution

Why grow hybrid?

Growers IGS have spoken to have indicated that 50% of quality issues in crops arise during the nursery stage. Plants which have developed poorly, struggle to do well when transplanted. IGS’ Growth Towers can grow crops with a higher degree of consistency and it is possible to fine tune "growth recipes" to produce plants to fit your production system.