Improve plant quality & consistency with a vertical farm from IGS

Our vertical farming technology provides a complete climate controlled growing environment, allowing propagator and nursery growers to improve propagule and starter plant consistency.

Find out how a vertical farm could work for your business

Advantages for propagators

Vertical farming is a method of crop production where seedlings or starter plants such as strawberry propagules, broccoli and lettuce, are grown indoors in vertically stacked layers instead of single level rows, enabling you to grow more, with greater consistency, using the same space.

At IGS, we call our vertical farms Growth Towers, and they allow for complete control over environmental elements, such as lighting, water distribution, CO2 levels, and nutrient delivery.

Introducing Total Controlled Environment Agriculture (TCEA)

Glasshouses and low-tech indoor systems are considered CEA, but they don't offer full control over the growing environment, which leaves them exposed to variations in the natural climate. This can result in inconsistent yields and wastage.

Our Growth Towers work using our uniquely developed system called Total Controlled Environment Agriculture (TCEA), which is an evolution of controlled environment agriculture (CEA).

TCEA‌ eliminates the issue of climate by removing the external factors of other growing environments to create precisely controlled conditions that ensure predictable, repeatable crop production.

Take control,
increase productivity

Our modular, scalable, flexible vertical farming technology helps propagators take control of their supply chain and increase productivity – here’s how.

Maximise your available growing space

By growing starter plants in an IGS Growth Tower, you can significantly improve plant quality and reduce waste from losses.

Increase yields and reduce waste

Using starter plants grown in an IGS Growth Tower, growers can expect to see an uplift in yield of up to 30%.

Improving growing times

Supply on time from planting schedules and remove the need for the cold storage of plants by integrating a vertical farm into your existing operations.

Complete control over growing climate

Extreme weather events such as hailstorms and droughts can significantly reduce the yield and quality of plants. Take control over this by having full control of your growing environment with an IGS Growth Tower.

Benefits of using our vertical farming technology

Secure future production

Unseasonal and extreme weather can put your supply chain at risk. Growth Towers allow you to bring starter plant growth in-house to reduce reliance on imports and secure future production.

Complementary to existing structures

Growth towers can complement your existing setup and the modularity of our growth towers means you can scale as your business grows.

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The Grower Model Assessment is a powerful resource that lets you determine the commercial viability of your business model tailored to your location and market requirements.

This initial step considers your desired yields to reveal how many Growth Towers and how much land you would need to get started.

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