General newsSaturday, January 25, 2020

IGS celebrates its 7th birthday

Written by

Georgia Lea

This month, IGS celebrates its 7th birthday, and we're looking back over the years at just how far we've come from a tiny startup based in Invergowrie to an organisation employing more than forty people and with offices as far afield as Chicago!

IGS was founded to find a way to make indoor farming not only more efficient but also more accessible, and we're exceptionally proud of what we've achieved in recent years. Our plug-and-play vertical farming system has attracted interest from all over the globe, securing funding from some of the biggest players in agritech investment.

Last year also saw the launch of our Intelligent Grid Solutions brand, which we hope will cause waves in the commercial lighting field.

2019 was our biggest year yet, but just one month into 2020 and it already looks set to be bigger and better than ever. There will be a lot of hard work along the way, but our team of incredible and passionate people are more than ready to meet the challenge.

Happy birthday IGS - here's to the next seven years!