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IGS continues to go for growth

2019 was a year of growth for IGS. With the appointment of a new globally experienced management team, the business’ priority has been to build and develop a talented crew of software developers, engineers, product specialists and marketeers.

The company tripled in size in 2019 and is set for further growth in areas of software development, plant science, AI and mechanical and electrical engineering. Since June 2019, the team has grown from 14 to 40 and is expected to reach 80 employees by the end of 2020.

Gayle Reid, who joined the company in late 2019 as Scrum Master, is responsible for facilitating the engineering process, clearing any blocking issues for the engineers and championing agile working right across all the business. She commented: “There is a real culture of innovation and exploration that allows us to try new things and learn from them without fear of failure. I get to see that culture encourage our teams to improve every day, and I’m glad to be part of it.”

Working alongside Gayle is Canadian native, Andy Hayward, who comes to IGS having only recently moved to Scotland. As a Product Owner, Andy is responsible for developing and conveying a vision for IGS’ product to the engineers responsible for building it.

Andy shared his insights into his first few months at IGS: “At IGS, doing things well and building quality in from the start are mantras, not just in the way we build the software but in everything we do, from our processes to our culture. I genuinely believe in our product and its potential to address real problems. How many software Product Owners out there can say that they planted and grew some of the food that was served at the company Christmas party?”

The Product-Software team isn’t the only area that has seen huge growth over recent months. Recent recruitment has also seen lots of new faces join our Research and Development team, including Oliver Nicol and Sam Strachan who both joined IGS from Michelin.

Multi-discipline Engineer, Oliver Nicol, joined us at the end of 2019 having qualified and achieved his SVQ3 during his time at Michelin. Olly is currently working on-site at our Invergowrie demonstration towers, installing and commissioning the technology required to run the vertical farm.

He commented: “At IGS I have a really exciting opportunity to work with state of the art machinery. My fellow employees are highly motivated and are all working towards the same goal, to see the project succeed. Everyone here wants to be here and is happy to help each other, share information and best practices which helps the whole team build together.”

Day-to-day, working closely with Olly is Sam Strachan, an apprentice Multi-discipline Engineer. Sam had been an apprentice at Michelin when in his second year the Training School announced its closure. He visited and spoke to a number of companies and was offered a variety of opportunities, but chose to come and work with IGS.

Sam explains: “The level of enthusiasm at IGS blew me away. There’s a really friendly atmosphere and a good working environment, but the things I like the most are that this is all new technology used in a different way and the feeling that I am making a difference in the company.”

We’re always on the lookout for the very best talent to come and join our passionate, committed and ever-expanding team. If you are interested in a career with IGS, please click here.

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