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With age and experience comes learning. I am privileged to have had three decades in business as a founder, CEO, board director and angel during which time I have worked with some amazing people from whom I have learned a great deal. One immutable truth I have picked up is that the creation of a positive, collaborative and inclusive Culture is the only way to build a winning team, scale your business and cope with the inevitable bumps in the road.

Leadership is all about enabling, empowering and encouraging those around you. It needs to happen at every level of an organisation. It takes 15 players to score a try on a rugby pitch: I don’t care who finally touches the ball down, no player delivers success on their own. As a CEO my principal role is to help everyone around me achieve success.

At my last company, Workplace, we made extra special efforts to involve the whole crew in designing and developing the right culture. Everyone contributed to choosing the Values by which we wanted to live at work, to ensuring we helped make one another successful and acknowledge the contributions of others by giving #Kudos to one another.

We never printed our 5 Core Values on mouse mats, posters or tea mugs: if we didn’t know them and hadn’t lived them every day,

We built upon our success by asking the whole crew to guide me, and the rest of the management team, how to continuously improve through our award-winning Glassdoor pages. And we captured the Workplace voyage of Turnaround, Transformation and Growth in our acclaimed Culture as a Platform story.

At IGS we are working hard to build our own version of that story: I want you to know what to expect when you join IGS. You’ll be helping us make this an exciting, vibrant and inspiring journey to improve the lives of millions of people worldwide and help feed the world. It takes special people and a special Culture to achieve such ambitious goals. If you think you can contribute to this new story please get in touch and tell us about yourself.

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The Crew

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People 1

John Chapman

Chief Strategy Officer
I am an American who grew up internationally, mostly in Europe. Having traveled long and far I have strong views. I think I value the right things: family, friends, health, nature, beauty (including that not visible), diversity, giving and receiving. I want to make good things happen for those around me, and by consequence for myself. As to education, I am US centric, with a BA from Carleton College and an MBA from Kellogg.
People 3

Greg Stevens

Senior Software Engineer
I’ve lived in and around Edinburgh my whole life. I enjoy traveling to both new and familiar places, my recent favourites being Slovenia, West Coast USA and Iceland. I enjoy spending time with close friends and family, and escaping the busy city on my motorbike or car. I keep fit by visiting the gym, cycling and hiking, although on lazy days I like nothing better than sitting around eating take-away food and gaming with friends; basically, undoing all the "keep fit" stuff!
People 5

Christian Potter

HR Manager
I went to school originally in London, then Glasgow, then university in St Andrews where I graduated along with Sean Connery (who was picking up an honorary degree)! I did a postgraduate diploma in HR Management at Strathclyde university. Outside of work I have a long-suffering husband Brian and my 2 children Sammy and Tom are both now living in London, Sammy working in the music business and Tom studying jazz drumming.
People 7

Mike Letchford

MD, Commercial Lighting Business
Hi everyone. As the son on of an army-man, I have always loved the outdoors and travelled far and wide and still very much enjoy doing so today! Our family finally settled in Yorkshire, where I still live today and where I met the love of my life, Rachel and with our wonderful son, Thomas. With a passion for all things outdoors, I love getting out on my bike, plus I’m a self-confessed Petrol-head with a love of motorbikes and Land Rovers.
People 9

Stephane Groud

Chief Product Officer
A native of Normandy, I spent my childhood in France before the travel bug bit me. Starting my career in London, I have so far lived in more than half a dozen countries including brief stints in China and Russia, and visited 50 to date. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my wife and kids, playing golf and training for my new passion: triathlons! Fun fact: I once skydived from an Italian helicopter high above the Alps!
People 11

Douglas Elder

Product Manager
Former Geologist with a BSc Hons in Geoscience from University of Aberdeen and an MSc in Mining Geology from Camborne School of Mines (Uni of Exeter). My love of science drives me to find new and interesting challenges when the opportunity arises. I love the outdoors and have too many hobbies which I frequently drag my family along with me to partake in incl. climbing, surfing, paddle-boarding, hiking, cycling…
People 13

Grant Middleton

Manufacturing Manager
Spent a lot of time working in Australia. Solo backpacked round the world for 18 months. Married with 2 kids now, love the outdoors, regular camping trips, hiking, biking etc. Big football fan(soccer). Heart of Midlothian football club are the greatest team in the world (unfortunately not but we can dream, right?). Favourite holiday destinations are Aviemore, Majorca, and Langkawi. Nothing better than a BBQ and beer with friends and family.
People 15

Geoff Tucker

Director of Marketing
Grew up in the South and escaped to Seattle (cooler climate!) for nine years before settling in Chicago five years ago. B2B marketer for 15+ years focused on digital, demand generation, close sales partnerships. Avid reader and traveler, been known to whip up a full table for dinner for a group of friends at the last minute, and often told I look like Phillip Seymour Hoffman or Elton John or Van Clyburn. Not too sure about those comparisons. Also a gadget geek and looking to adopt a dog for my work at home office.
People 17

Dave Scott

Chief Technology Officer
From a little town called Penicuik, have spent my working life so far fixing and building anything big, metal and heavy. Im very lucky as that has taken me all over the globe, with some excellent people. In my spare time I enjoy fixing terrible cars, broken houses and grabbing a long weekend away with my pals.
People 19

Gordy Wills

Software Team Architect
As a Computer Science graduate of Warwick University, Gordy, spent his young adult years in military service as a Royal Signals officer. After having visited various of the worlds deserts on combat operations as well as having spent time in procurement and strategic telecommunications he got married. When he is not gathered round a scrum board, you will find him; by day practicing for a hike along the Pacific Crest Trail; and by night absorbed into the night sky practising amateur planetary astronomy.
People 21

Ben Molineux

Controls Engineer
I am a Geordie with over a decade of experience working with automated storage systems and hygienic process equipment. “Learn by doing” is my mantra and I stuck by this when I left college at 17 joining Dave Scott at Tornado. 11 years later, before I moved to Edinburgh, I was living and working in Barcelona having too much of a good time - during this period Dave offered me a position at IGS. So I traded sun, tapas and cervezas for fog, haggis and whisky. When I’m not staring at my laptop for work I’m staring at it for pleasure as I pursue my creative ventures. I have an unhealthy YouTube obsession which has generated a keen interest in new media.
People 23

Ole Mygind

Global Sales Director for Agriculture
Grew up in Denmark, but being half Norwegian (my Mother is from Norway) I always had a strong connection to Norway. I spend a lot of time there as a child and was especially attracted to the fantastic nature. I’m sure this is the reason I today have a huge passion for being outdoor whether its running, hiking, bicycling, skiing etc. I graduated as an Engineer and have spend much of my working life in the IT industry, I always had an interest in understanding how IT solutions can help business develop and grow. Due to my strong connection to Norway I always had a passion for outdoor life and spend time when ever I can in nature.
People 25

Donald Clark

Financial Controller
I was raised and schooled in Oban, on Scotland’s West Coast, which is where I found my passion for shinty. I left at 17 to go to Uni in Edinburgh and have stayed there ever since – it’s such a great city to live in. Outside of work I moonlight as a taxi driver for my two kids between various sports and activities. I love spending family time with my wife Emma, my two boys Myles & Dara and our cocker spaniel, Tula. In my occasional spare time I enjoy heading off for a run with Tula, taking to the hills on my bike, or a pint or two at the local with friends.
People 27

Cameron Williamson

M&E Engineer
I have an MEng in Robotics and Cybertronics from Heriot-Watt University and hold CEng accreditation with the IMechE. I have six years of industrial experience, having worked in R&D in naval defence since completing my degree. In contrast to that, I now spend most of my free time playing, drawing, and exploring with my daughter!
People 29

Kate Forster

Head of Communications
History graduate from University of Glasgow; worked in communications for 15+ years; mother, writer, dog owner, yoga attempter, reader, media engager and dancer (or so I like to believe). National fame reached our household this year when Sadie (our puppy) was crowned Holyrood Dog of the Year 2019.
People 31

Niall Skinner

Mechanical Engineer
Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, Masters Degree in Product Design from Strathclyde University. I used to volunteer as a Ski Patroller (mountain rescue type stuff) and do rescue cover for downhill mountain bike racing.
People 33

Wendy Laverty

Executive Assistant
Wendy has worked with our CEO, David Farquhar, since 2005 as his Executive Assistant. With over 25 years experience of working with senior executives in various high-pressure sectors she enables our team to focus on driving the business forward whilst skilfully managing all aspects of our administration and client relations as well as making appropriate decisions on behalf of the team. When away from work Wendy can be found on a far-flung beach enjoying the sun and a cocktail!
People 35

Laura Errington

Executive Assistant
Laura has worked with Wendy for over 2 years, her customer service experience is second to none, she provides administration, client relations and scheduling support to our team of executives. Having a young family leaves Laura little spare time, but in the free-time she has she likes to meet with friends and socialise
People 37

David Farquhar

Chief Executive Officer
As a serial entrepreneur and CEO my family comes first in the way I run my life and the decisions I take. In my companies we always practice building a Culture as a Platform and treat one another as we’d want to be treated ourselves. I believe passionately that IGS can be a great business AND can do a great deal of good in the world at the same time by achieving its ambitious objectives. As a trained chef married to another one I care a great deal about the food we eat. I am also passionate about the great outdoors, especially mountaineering and rugby has been in my life as a player, coach and fan forever.
People 39

Alex Brown

Marketing Manager, Indoor Farming
Although he is new to the vertical farming business, he grew up on a farm in the United States where he helped raise angus cows with his father and grandfather. Prior to joining IGS, Alex served four years as the Marketing Manager and Designer for Quest Food Management Services. Alex graduated from Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing Management with a minor in Advertising and Promotions. Outside of office hours, you can find Alex enjoying runs along lake shore drive or traveling with friends and family. He is a certified scuba diver and has dove in places like Belize, Puerto Rico, and Mexico
People 41

Andrew Skinner

R&D Intern
Currently studying Robotics, Autonomous and Interactive Systems at Heriot-Watt University. I spend most of my free time hillwalking, riding and fixing mountain bikes and reading.
People 43

Andrew Cumming

Lead Software Developer
Andrew is an Englishman, living in Scotland. He’s been learning, teaching and building things on-line since the internet first started, more or less. He graduated in Mathematics from the University of Sussex and gained his MSc in Computing from Imperial College, London. He taught at Edinburgh Napier University for many years before joining IGS full time. As a committed city dweller he loves living in Edinburgh. The countryside looks lovely and he likes to see it in the distance but he has no desire to go there.
People 45

Polly Purvis

Director, Scottish Food Incubator Network
Born in London, I was educated both sides of the border, and now consider myself an adopted Scot. With a degree in Agriculture & Food Marketing, I’ve worked in financial services, and economic development, and spent the last 20 years in the software and IT sector. Gardening and history are two of my passions, and my resolution for 2020 and beyond is to be much more ecofriendly.
People 47

Lucie Opltova

HR Advisor / Senior Administrator
I was born and raised in the Czech Republic but left when I was 18 and never looked back. I was travelling up until 5 years ago when I found my new home in Scotland. I still have a great passion for travelling – I never go to the same country twice. Beside travelling I love team activities such as Spartan Race or Tough Mudder, but in my free time you can often find me in the cinema, chilling at home with my cat Sophie or sunbathing on a beach in tropics with a Pina Colada in my hand.
People 49

Adrian Hristov

Senior Software Engineer
Originally from Bulgaria, I came to Scotland in 2014 sort of by accident, fell in love with the place and never looked back. In my spare time I enjoy playing basketball, finding new video games and exploring known and unknown parts of Scotland with my girlfriend Anne and our dog Vin. When too lazy for a physical activity, I enjoy binging shows of questionable quality and eating unhealthy food.
People 51

Gayle Reid

Team Lead/Scrum Master
I am a former software engineer turned Scrum Master and Agile coach. I believe that life is sweetest outside your comfort zone, so I love to try new, exciting and diverse things. My main aim is to leave the world in a better place than I found it. I love martial arts, baking cupcakes, fixing cars and motorcycles, and being on stage with my amdram group.
People 53

Victor Don

Technical Author
After a number of years in the Royal Navy where I served as an Air Engineering Mechanic, I did my resettlement as a Technical Author and I’ve spent the last 22 years working for the oil, nuclear and defence industries and now, of course, vertical farming! My hobbies are quite wide ranging. I enjoy playing guitar and piano (although still quite mediocre); I read a lot and love my Harley. I recently started golf and am now learning Gaelic.
People 55

Helen Robertson

Detailed Design Engineer
After graduating from Edinburgh Napier University with a BEng in Energy and Environmental Engineering, I went on to do an MSc in Building Services Engineering at London South Bank University. I have two years of experience working on office fit-out projects around London where I enjoyed learning how to row on the River Thames in my spare time and look forward to continuing to row here in Edinburgh.
People 57

Gareth Birrell

Health & Safety Manager
Grew up in fife (home of golf) where I still reside with my lovely (understanding) wife to be and my two wee boys. My love affair with health & safety has been going on for 10 years in a various fields from oil and gas both within the UK and abroad and the water industry. Outside the exciting world of health and safety my main interest is golf ( I’m from fife after all) Where I’ve competed on the euro-pro tour and hope to try again this year as well as regional and national events. When not playing the frustrating game I’m either caddying for my boys or in the gym.
People 59

Stephen Watson

CAD Drafter
Grew up in a small town called Biggar before moving to Glasgow to study Product Design Engineering at the University of Strathclyde. After spending a year in Canada, I returned home to Scotland and have worked within the Defence and Oil & Gas industries. Recently moved back to the countryside with my wife Christine and daughter Orla. Always loved the outdoors, particularly exploring the hills on my mountain bike or by foot.
People 61

Steven Mitchell

Product Marketing Manager
Aberdonian living in Edinburgh since 1992, I grew up near Invergowrie and subsequently Blairgowrie, where I picked raspberries and 'tatties' in the school holidays. Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing with over twenty years of experience in marketing and graphic design. I challenge myself to run 12K and swim 3.5k every week, along with improving public speaking skills at Toastmasters. To relax, I enjoy dining out with my wife or visiting cultural delights in and around Edinburgh.
People 63

Andris Sprukts

R&D Technician
I went to primary, secondary (technical) school, and National Defence Academy in Latvia, and have served in Latvian Army for 13 years. After moving to Scotland I went to Perth college UHI where I did Engineering Systems HNC. I’m married, have three children. I like to spend my free time with my family, and couple of sports such as weight lifting, ice hockey, and book reading.
People 65

Oliver Nicol

Multi-disciplined Engineer
Born and raised in the homeland of Carnoustie, I started my career by completing a 4 year multi skilled engineering apprenticeship at Michelin Dundee working on various project and maintenance teams. I then spent another year there on shift fixing machine breakdowns before making the leap to IGS. I spend most of my free time on a pool table or out on the golf course!
People 67

Sam Strachan

Apprentice Engineer
Grew up in Carnoustie. Loved fixing things from an early age. Left school in 2018 for an engineering apprenticeship with Michelin but the factory announced its closure 3 months later. Yet there was light at the end of the tunnel! Joined the amazing IGS team in December 2019 to continue my apprenticeship. I’ve a great group of mates to socialise with, enjoy my dogs and hill walking and love a bit of skiing. Often get mistaken for my identical twin brother!

The Board

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Michael Dean

AgFunder is an online venture capital platform that invests in agtech and foodtech startups globally. We've taken the offline VC business model and have built technology to make venture capital more efficient and scaleable. We use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to help us invest more intelligently and to better support our portfolio companies. The AgFunder ecosystem consists of over 60,000 members and subscribers including over 5,000 accredited and institutional investors.

Sanjeev Krishnan

S2G Ventures
Sanjeev is the Chief Investment Officer and a managing director at S2G Ventures, and has been with the firm since its inception. He has nearly 20 years of experience in sourcing, executing, managing and exiting venture and private equity investments, including a focus in agriculture and food companies. His portfolio work ranges from genetics, crop protection, soil health, digital/IOT, crop insurance, merchandising, indoor agriculture, novel flavor and ingredients, new protein development, unique processors and brands that will feed the changing consumer.

Brendan Richardson

Non-Executive Director
Bio Coming Soon.

John Watson

Non-Executive Chair
John is an Operating Principal of Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP) working with a number of GIP investments worldwide and is CEO of one of their companies, Crosswind Developments Ltd. Prior to joining GIP, he was Managing Director of Lloyds Banking Group’s $50bn SME Lending portfolio. John was a founding Board Director of the Business Growth Fund plc, After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant with PwC, he joined 3i plc. John is Vice President of Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce, a Trustee of Entrepreneurial Scotland Foundation, Non Executive Director of Scottish Event Campus (SEC) and Chair of IGS.

About IGS

IGS was founded in 2013, to develop revolutionary Industry 4.0 solutions in the global Agritech and Commercial Lighting markets.

As an Agritech innovator we make revolutionary controlled-environment growth products including a Vertical Farm-in-a-box and retro-fit Growth Stations for low-rise installations. We also make a Supplementary Lighting grid to extend the growing day 12 months of the year in greenhouses and poly tunnels. These Platforms are 100% Internet of Things (“IOT”) enabled and powered by a 3-tier Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) back-end to deliver Total Control Environment Agriculture (“TCEA”) offering dramatic productivity benefits:  2-3x yield with quality and consistency, using 50% less energy and 80% less labour.

Our Intelligent Grid platform creates Smart Spaces by bringing an elegant, customer-branded grid to replace conventional high-voltage networks of cables, cable-trays and ethernet. It can be assembled and reconfigured on the fly by non-qualified staff. Every light, sensor, camera and motion-tracker attached to the grid is IoT-enabled, such that it can receive commands and monitor behaviours: each node simply clips onto the lightweight busbars and can be moved at will, without even a screwdriver.

We supply Agritech solutions direct to growers, food producers and governments around the world. We supply our Intelligent Grid platform via partners such as facilities managers lighting designers into new-build construction projects or for retrofit.

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Winner: Vibes 2019

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Winner: Business Cloud Tech Top 50

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Winner: Tech 4 Good 2019

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