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We hire smart-thinking problem solvers. Our culture is based on this approach. We approach all we do with a sense of excitement, fun and a willingness to embrace non-conventional thinking. We embrace innovation, encourage discussion and take a collaborative approach to each and every challenge.

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Enabling fresh minds

We offer a wide range of internships across all areas of the business. These include both students working on a specific project, or research and open-ended assignments which typically integrate into both the business and a course outcome.

We work in close partnership with different universities and colleges to support our internships.  IGS also hosts student interns from Entrepreneurial Scotland each year. As an employer participant in the organisation’s summer programme, every summer we host Saltire Scholars to work with us across various disciplines and projects.

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Antony Lui (Logistics Co-ordinator and former IGS intern 2022)

“I joined the IGS internship program last summer and was involved in the Supply Chain. As a supply chain student, I was entering my final year at university and was eager to gain experience within the sector. IGS was very focused on tailoring towards my needs and expectations, and I feel this helped me progress my knowledge for my dissertation.  

The staff were always very welcoming, and this enabled me to develop both my work ethic and interpersonal skills. IGS organised days for interns to explore different functions of the business – including a tour of the Crop Research Centre and visits to local suppliers – to gain an insight on how the business operates and manages supplier relationships.  

There were also opportunities to interact and meet the other interns to bond and share knowledge. I would recommend this internship both for learning and development, and an insight into an industry I had very little knowledge of beforehand!"

Clara Kerpner (Deployment Intern 2023)

“It was a real pleasure to work with the inspiring and friendly IGS team  – they enabled me to get the most out of my internship! The internship helped me improve my project management, communication, and problem-solving skills. Several presentation opportunities for my department and the whole company also boosted my confidence.  

As a Saltire scholar, I also received support from the Saltire Programmes team throughout the summer and had the chance to expand my network and develop my leadership qualities and entrepreneurial mindset through seminars which I will benefit from in my career.”

Jill Macmillan (Junior mechanical design engineer and form IGS intern 2022)

During my time at IGS as an intern, I had an incredibly positive experience. I was welcomed into a supportive and collaborative team that encouraged me to contribute ideas and learn from those with valuable experience in industry. 

I was entrusted with meaningful tasks and the guidance and mentorship I received throughout these tasks allowed me to develop skills and establish valuable connections. The experience I gained as an intern at IGS allowed me to complete my final year of  university successfully and ultimately led me to securing a full time position at IGS!

Andrew Collier (Supply chain intern 2023)

“My time as an intern at IGS was an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable experience. IGS was so welcoming and supportive, enabling me to quickly feel like part of the crew! Everyone understands that this is likely a completely new experience and is always happy to make time for you, share their knowledge and help you learn and develop.  

A passion for the product and alignment with IGS' mission and values has made this experience incredibly meaningful. This culture, sense of community and the support from Saltire and fellow Saltire Scholars allowed me to thrive and gain an experience that will shape my future career.”

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