Our approach

Fully automated year round growing

Our systems were conceived by a farmer and designed by an engineer. They worked closely to introduce enhanced control for greater produce quality and consistency; more efficient and effective lighting solutions to greatly reduce power consumption; and completely cloud-based operations for ease of use reduction of labour and data capture.

Man with black shade glasses on holding a plant inside an IGS vertical farm.

We've reimagined agriculture in 3 simple steps


Imagine a world in which farmers can take total control of the weather to create the perfect climate for growth anywhere, anytime.


Now picture what would happen if farmers could create microclimates perfectly designed to grow a multitude of different crops, sitting just centimetres from one another.  


At IGS, our job is to make this world a reality. We produce world-class indoor farming technology, engineered in Scotland and delivered to local growers across the globe.

Made locally, delivered globally

The challenges

What problems are we solving?


Most indoor farming is economically inefficient due to high power costs


In many parts of the world, labour costs are prohibitive.


Productivity is hampered by constant variation through weather events.

...and our approach?

Smart indoor farms


We’ve taken a holistic approach to our designs, allowing us to create an indoor farming platform that supports scalability. With our technology, farmers can grow healthy crops while dramatically reducing energy and labour costs that prevent economic viability for most crops.


Farmers can speed up or slow down the growth of crops to meet changes in demand. This is a farm free of pesticides, where water is constantly recycled and crops don’t have to be washed in chlorinated water, substantially increasing their shelf-life.


Learn more about how our IOT-enabled systems power, handle and ventilate indoor farming, using artificial intelligence and machine learning without the need for unreliable computers.

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