Intelligent growth

For large growers

The automation in our vertical farms can help drive efficiencies in your operations.

Small green crops starting to grow in a field with the sun beaming in in the background.
Close up of lettuce growing in an IGS vertical farm under purple LED lights.

The challenges

Faced by large growers today


Imported tray plants are expensive and often carry pests and diseases creating extra cost and waste.


Desire to diversify production into higher value crops, guarantee local supply and extend the growing season to maximise returns.

Worldwide demands

Local supply of plants heightened through pandemics and increasing health demands.


Greater demands for localised production to reduce import reliance and known produce provenance.


Environmental pressure – looking to reduce reliance on pesticides, excess water usage and prevent degradation of soil.

The solution

IGS provides the answer to your problems

Green seedlings growing on a tray a few cm apart in an IGS vertical farm.

Germination built in

IGS systems can germinate and propagate an ever-widening range of early stage crops including soft fruits and brassicas.

Quality cycles

Quality is exceptionally high and growth is very rapid (in the case of field crops, studies have shown growth cycles of 11 days versus a normal 6 weeks) which keeps costs low.


Growth can be sped up or slowed down and growth recipes tailored to develop specific crop characteristics.

Minimal water

Hydroponic growth is supported to produce crops with efficient and minimal water usage.

Smart growth

ML and AI capabilities ensure optimum data capture to identify repeatable crop algorithms.

Always more

In an IGS tower with a footprint of 40m² up to 20 tonnes of crop can be grown per annum: equivalent to 1-2Ha of field growing and far more than under glass or polytunnel (this will vary per crop).


High value crops such as leafy greens, salads and herbs grow especially well in IGS systems.

Low carbon

Support local supply chain with quality, nutritious crops, with a longer shelf life and less wastage.


Highly efficient lighting system reduces costs compared to other systems on the market.

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