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IGS was founded in 2013. It brought together decades of farming and engineering experience to create an agritech business with a vision to revolutionise the indoor growing market with our vertical farming system.

Our system allows producers to grow close to consumers, minimising waste and reducing food miles. By using Total Controlled Environment Agriculture (TCEA), we can maintain precision control over plants, offering local communities varied, nutrient-rich produce all year round.

Group photo of staff taken from above with mosque of painting made by them in front.

IGS is full of innovative individuals

Together we make a team committed to solving many technology-based challenges. Our culture is based on this approach. Encouraging innovation, promoting collaboration, stimulating discussion and embracing positive problem solving – together.

Here's more from David, our CEO

“I am privileged to have had three decades in business during which time I have worked with some amazing people from whom I have learned a great deal. One immutable truth I have picked up is that the creation of a positive, collaborative and inclusive culture is the only way to build a winning team, scale your business and cope with the inevitable bumps in the road.

Leadership is all about service: enabling, empowering and encouraging those around you. It needs to happen at every level of an organisation. It takes 15 players to score a try on a rugby pitch: I don’t care who finally touches the ball down, nobody delivers success on their own. As a CEO my principal role is to help everyone around me achieve success.

Every person has a role in helping define the values by which we want to live at work: we try to ensure that everyone feels valued and part of something greater than themselves. Fundamentally all this is built on Trust.

I want you to know what to expect when you join IGS, so we open ourselves up to public scrutiny on Glassdoor. You’ll be helping us make this an exciting, vibrant and inspiring journey to improve the lives of millions of people and help feed the world sustainably. It takes special people and a special culture to achieve such ambitious goals. If you think you can contribute to this new story please get in touch and tell us about yourself.”

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