Our impact



Our impact


Major global challenges are driving a huge and urgent transformation in how we produce and distribute food. Farming is straining under the constant increase in demand as the population grows to 10 billion and a simultaneous decrease in arable land on which to grow.

Our technology enables the positive solution now

Zero pesticides

Clean room technology means no need to wash crops, doubling the shelf life of produce and reducing waste.

Zero emissions

The IGS system uses closed-loop ventilation alongside closed-loop irrigation, meaning no harmful emissions.

Zero hydrocarbons

Our farms can be powered by renewable energy and use no harmful lubricants.

IGS is contributing significantly to a more sustainable and secure food system in the reduction of food miles and food waste which will create important environmental and economic efficiency within agriculture.”

Iain Gulland, CEO of Zero Waste Scotland

Typical water usage when growing 1kg lettuce in various farming modes.

IGS farm

Reducing miles,
handling demand

Our farms can be located on urban, brownfield or rural sites, close to the point of consumption. This allows us to drastically reduce food miles and the need to ship produce, resulting in fresher, more scalable and economical food, this also helps to reduce waste.

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