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Farming is straining under the constant increase in demand as the population grows to 10 billion and a simultaneous decrease in arable land on which to grow.

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Net Zero

As we, among other businesses and governments race to Net Zero, it is important that our understanding of this phrase is correct.

This is to ensure the acheivement of this goal and avoiding greenwashing while transparently communicating our progress. Additionally, it is essential that our goals align with current science, as well as national and international goals.

  • The IPCC defined the very ambitious and internationally cooperative goal of achieving Net Zero globally by 2050 to limitglobal warming to 1.5°C.
  • The Scottish Government introduced the Climate Change Bill in 2018 with the target of Net Zero by 2045.
  • IGS signed the Declaration of Participation with the Scottish Net Zero Community, pledging Net Zero no later than 2050 and 50% reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030.
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