COP26Thursday, November 11, 2021

Therme wellbeing resorts to include sustainable vertical farms thanks to new IGS partnership

A pioneering partnership in the field of vertical farming has been launched at COP26 in Glasgow. This will see large-scale urban farms developed at Therme Group’s wellbeing destinations worldwide. The partnership brings together Therme RPC, Therme’s dedicated wellbeing food and nutrition business, with world leading technology from IGS (Intelligent Growth Solutions), the award-winning UK-based agritech experts.

Over the past year, the companies have developed a unique new concept branded ‘Therme IGE’ (Intelligent Growth Ecosystems), which will enable sustainable and locally grown, nutrient-rich fresh produce to be available to the many millions of guests that visit Therme’s locations every year. Therme Group’s wellbeing destinations are at the forefront of incorporating next generation large scale vertical farms into their global portfolio.  

Compared to traditional agriculture, the Therme IGE concept drastically reduces water and energy consumption, using 80% less water and 400% increased space efficiency. This makes urban locations a viable option for large-scale food production. There are zero ‘food miles’ for the produce, which will initially include kale, rocket, basil and dill. The 100% pesticide-free concept results in enhanced flavours and nutrients, alongside an accelerated rate of plant growth. The development cycle for new crops is reduced from 7-10 years to 2-3.

Produce will be used in Therme restaurants worldwide

The produce grown within the Therme IGEs will be used in Therme’s restaurants, bars, and skin products. As much as creating delicious menus, Therme is focused on boosting mental and physical health through exciting and engaging food experiences.

Following recent announcements, Therme’s global development programme is moving at pace to create a worldwide network of wellbeing resorts, all of which are set to incorporate Therme IGE technology. The Group’s current European locations will soon be joined by projects in Manchester, Toronto and in the Frankfurt Rhein-Main region of Germany. In the pipeline are also additional locations to be announced in Scotland, Wales, England, the USA and Asia Pacific.

Professor David Russell, CEO of Therme RPC said of the new partnership: “At the heart of Therme IGE’s vision is the ability to produce ‘more with less impact’. Our partnership with IGS fully embraces the use of leading-edge technology to drive the optimisation of on-site, sustainable, secure and nutrient dense fresh produce for our guests. Therme IGE’s incorporate interactive and immersive learning, new era farm shops and filtered water production – this is an exciting, of the moment, industry first at this scale and reach”.

Therme Canada | Ontario Place the latest announced location in Therme’s global rollout

IGS CEO, David Farquhar, commented: “This innovative partnership marks a radical gear-shift for vertical farming– integrating it clearly into a sustainable lifestyle and wellbeing approach. The importance of nourishing and nurturing people through Therme IGE is a fantastic idea, combining the best of green technology and plant science as well as expert culinary and wellbeing expertise. It is exciting to see how this can bring genuinely plant-based nutrition closer to consumers to improve sustainability and sustenance. The chance to announce this partnership at our exhibition at COP26 is one of the reasons we have chosen to be here. It is a prime example of why and how those producing, growing and utilising food can think and invest differently to bring environmentally and socially sustainable approaches to a global market.”

(L-R) David Farquhar, CEO, IGS and Professor David Russell, CEO, Therme RPC
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Georgia Lea

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